Episodes 256-260

Episode 256: AUA2024: Surgical Laser Enucleation of the Prostate

Episodes 251-255

Episode 255: AUA2024: A Specialized Masterclass for Single-port Robot-Assisted Surgery

Episode 254: Update Series (2024) Lesson 1: A Case-Based Discussion of Priapism Guidelines

Episode 253: AUA2023 Take Home Messages Part 5

Episode 252: AUA2023 Take Home Messages Part 4

Episode 251: AUA2023 Take Home Messages Part 3

Episodes 246-250

Episode 250: AUA2023 Take Home Messages Part 2

Episode 249: AUA2023 Take Home Messages Part 1

Episode 248: PARPi: Management of Adverse Events

Episode 247: AUA2023 Journal of Urology Lecture

Episode 246: AUA2023 Ramon Guiteras Lecture

Episodes 241-245

Episode 245: AUA2023 John Duckett Memorial Lecture

Episode 244: AUA2023 John K. Lattimer Lecture

Episode 243: Adjuvant Therapies for High-Risk Non-Metastatic Kidney Cancer

Episode 242: The Latest Breakthroughs in Immunotherapy for GU Cancers

Episode 241: Germline Testing and Novel Approaches to Targeting Genetic Mutations in Prostate Cancer

Episodes 236-240

Episode 240: Novel Imaging for Genitourinary Cancers - Diagnostics and Theranostics

Episode 239: Early Detection of Prostate Cancer: AUA/SUO Guideline (2023)

Episode 238: Treatment Paradigms for Intermediate and High-Risk Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer

Episode 237: PARPi: Genetic Testing in Advanced Prostate Cancer - When and Who to Test (2023)

Episode 236: Infectious Complications Following Prostate Biopsy: Strategies for Reducing Infections and Reducing Health Care Costs

Episodes 231-235

Episode 235: Germline Testing in GU Cancers – How I Do It

Episode 234: Treatment Intensification for Advanced Prostate Cancer

Episode 233: PARPi: Precision Medicine in Advanced Prostate Cancer

Episode 232: Prostate Cancer Treatment Intensification

Episode 231: Update Series (2023) Lesson 33: A Critical Appraisal of the 2021 AUA/SUFU Guideline on Adult Neurogenic Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction

Episodes 226-230

Episode 230: Disparities in Care and Barriers to Access for Patients with Advanced Prostate Cancer

Episode 229: Systemic Therapies for Advanced Prostate Cancer – Short and Long-Term Side Effects

Episode 228: Genetic Testing and Stone Disease

Episode 227: Advances in ADT Part II: A Guide for Urologists

Episode 226: Incorporating the AUA/SUO Guideline on Advanced Practice Cancer into Practice

Episodes 221-225 

Episode 225: AUA2023: Medical Student Forum

Episode 224: AUA2023:  Managing Toxicities of Checkpoint Inhibitors: A Urologist’s Guide

Episode 223: AUA2023: How to use PSMA-PET/CT in the Management of Relapsing Prostate Cancer Patients 

Episode 222: AUA2023: Treatment for Hormone Sensitive Prostate Cancer 

Episode 221: AUA2023: Update Series (2023) Lesson 21: Management of Chronic Pelvic Pain in Men 

Episodes 216-220

Episode 220: AUA2023: Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy for the Urologist and Advanced Practice Provider

Episode 219: AUA2023: Upper-Tract Urothelial Cancer Guidelines 

Episode 218: AUA2023: What the General Urologist Should Know about Care of Transgender Patients 

Episode 217: AUA2023: Refractory Overactive Bladder: How To Select 3rd Line Therapies and Optimize Outcomes

Episode 216: AUA2023: Prostate Cancer Diagnosis 

Episodes 211-215

Episode 215: Global Advancements in Bladder Cancer

Episode 214: AUA2023: Advancing Gender Equity in Urology: Allyship for Men and Advocacy for Women

Episode 213: AUA2023: Genetics and Genomics of GU Malignancies: Applications into Your Clinical Practice

Episode 212: AUA2023: AUA Guidelines on Advanced Prostate Cancer

Episode 211: AUA2023: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Urology: What Do We Need to Know

Episodes 206-210

Episode 210: AUA2023: The Changing Face of Advanced Prostate Cancer

Episode 209: AUA2023: Contemporary Pharmacotherapy for OAB 2023

Episode 208: The Role of PARP Inhibitors in Advanced Prostate Cancer

Episode 207: Live From AUA2023: Highlights in BPH

Episode 206: Live From AUA2023: Highlights in Advanced Prostate Cancer

Episodes 201-205

Episode 205: AUA2022: Complications of Vaginal Mesh

Episode 204: AUA2022: Evidence-based Primary Hypospadias Repair

Episode 203: Core Curriculum: Transitional Urology

Episode 202: Update Series (2023) Lesson 4: Difficult Foleys and Foley Difficulties

Episode 201: AUA2022: Evaluation and Management of Priapism

Episodes 196-200

Episode 200: Organizational Leadership: How to Get Involved

Episode 199: Modernizing Urology Care: The Current and Future State of Virtual Care in the United States

Episode 198: Health Equities and Variations in Advanced Prostate Cancer Care

Episode 197: Comorbid Conditions in the Patient with Advanced Prostate Cancer

Episode 196: Advances in ADT: A Guide for Urologists and APPs

Episodes 191-195

Episode 195: AUA2022 JU Lecture: Engaging Patients: A Challenge to our Care Delivery and Research Priorities

Episode 194: AUA2022 Ramon Guiteras Lecture: How to Reach Excellence in Urology: Challenges and Opportunities

Episode 193: AUA2022 John Duckett Memorial Lecture: Lifelong Learning, What’s in it for me?

Episode 192: AUA2022 John K. Lattimer Lecture: Testosterone, Science and Human Dignity

Episode 191: AUA2022 Presidential Address

Episodes 186-190

Episode 190: PARP Inhibitors in Advanced Prostate Cancer Care

Episode 189: Advancing Women in Urology: Sponsorship and Its Role in Career Advancement in Medicine

Episode 188: Addressing Disparities and Variations in Care in GU Oncology

Episode 187: Advancing Women in Urology: Coaching and Self-Advocacy

Episode 186: Advancing Women in Urology: Negotiating for Success

Episodes 181-185

Episode 185: Advanced Kidney Cancer: A Guide to Targeted Agents and Immunotherapies

Episode 184: Advancing Women in Urology: The Importance of Meaningful Mentorship

Episode 183: Urothelial Carcinoma: Advances in Immuno-Oncology

Episode 182: Appropriate use of Biomarker and Genetic Testing in the Diagnosis and Management of Patients

Episode 181: Novel Imaging for Genitourinary Cancers

Episodes 176-180

Episode 180: Systemic Therapies for mHSPC and Castrate Resistant Prostate Cancer

Episode 179: Update Series (2022) Lesson 7: Management of BPH in Men >80 Years

Episode 178: Application of the Advanced Prostate Cancer: AUA/ASTRO/SUO Guideline in Clinical Practice

Episode 177: Negotiating Skills 101: Key Steps To Becoming A Good Negotiator

Episode 176: Primary Palliative Care in Urology

Episodes 171-175

Episode 175: Core Curriculum: Stress Urinary Incontinence Surgery (Female)

Episode 174: Cultural Barriers for Ethnic Minorities

Episode 173: Core Curriculum: Geriatric Oncology

Episode 172: Update Series: Asymptomatic Bacteriuria, Atypical Urinary Tract Infection & the Urinary Microbiome

Episode 171: Core Curriculum: GU Cancer Survivorship

Episodes 166-170

Episode 170: Advancing Equitable Opportunities for Recruitment of Diverse Patients to Clinical Trials

Episode 169: Core Curriculum: Urolithiasis – Surgical Management

Episode 168: Core Curriculum: Feminizing and Masculinizing Genital Gender Affirming Surgery

Episode 167: AUA2022: Diagnosis And Management Of Localized, Locally Advanced And Advanced Kidney Cancer

Episode 166: AUA2022: Operationalizing Checkpoint Inhibitors In Urologic Practice

Episodes 161-165

Episode 165: DEI In Urology: Financial Toxicity as Drugs Move Earlier into Treatment Paradigm

Episode 164: AUA2022: Incorporating Genomic Testing For Prostate Cancer Into Your Practice

Episode 163: AUA2022: Refractory Overactive Bladder: How to Select 3rd-Line Therapies and Optimize Outcomes

Episode 162: AUA2022: Bladder Cancer Treatment Dilemmas: The Cases You Face and What To Do about Them

Episode 161: AUA2022: Genetic Testing in Prostate Cancer Webcast

Episodes 156-160

Episode 160: Surgical Implications For LGBTQ Patients

Episode 159: AUA2022: Surgical & Medical Management of High-Risk Renal Cell Carcinoma 

Episode 158: AUA2022: Contemporary Pharmacotherapy for OAB 2022

Episode 157: Controversies, Confusion, and the Future of Urologic Post-Operative Opioid Prescribing Strategies

Episode 156: AUA2022: Difficult Cases in High-Risk Bladder Cancer: An Evidence-Based Approach 

Episodes 151-155

Episode 155: AUA2022: The Changing Face of Advanced Prostate Cancer 2022

Episode 154: Update Series: AUA/ASRM Infertility Guideline Critique

Episode 153: AUA2022: Diversity Equity and Inclusion in Urology: What Do We Need to Know?

Episode 152: Should I Order a PET Scan? Integrating Molecular Imaging Into Urologic Oncology Clinical Practice

Episode 151: Live from AUA2022: Highlights in BPH

Episodes 146-150

Episode 150: Live from AUA2022: Highlights in Advanced Prostate Cancer

Episode 149: Live from AUA2022: Highlights in Overactive Bladder

Episode 148: Publishing Ethics

Episode 147: Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Oncology Focusing on Translocation RCC

Episode 146: Global Advancements in Prostate Cancer: The Role of Genetic Testing and PARP Inhibitors

Episodes 141-145

Episode 145: New Minimally Invasive BPH Treatment Options

Episode 144: Global Advancements in Prostate Cancer: Best Practices in Hormonal Therapy

Episode 143: Conscious Sedation in the Urology Office

Episode 142: Prostate Biopsy: The Transperineal vs. Transrectal Debate

Episode 141: AUA2021 State-Of-The-Art Lecture First & Second Line Therapy In Advanced & Metastatic Bladder Cancer

Episodes 136-140

Episode 140: AUA2021 State-Of-The-Art Lecture: Penile Fracture Causes And Management

Episode 139: AUA2021 Panel Discussion: The Future Of Urologic Oncology

Episode 138: AUA2021 State-Of-The-Art Lecture: Robotic Ureteroscopy

Episode 137: AUA2021 Panel Discussion: Artificial Intelligence Applications In Urology

Episode 136: AUA2021 State-Of-The-Art Lecture: Pain Management In FPMRS Surgery 

Episode 131-135

Episode 135: AUA2021 Panel Discussion: COVID And Sexual Medicine

Episode 134: AUA2021 John Duckett Memorial Lecture: Nephron Sparing Surgery In The Management Of Wilms Tumor

Episode 133: AUA2021 Journal Of Urology Lecture - The Promises And Pitfalls Of Large Database Studies

Episode 132: AUA2021 Ramon Guiteras Lecture - Three Decades Of Bladder Cancer Treatment: Progress And Promise

Episode 131: AUA2021 John K. Lattimer Lecture - Kidney Stones: Is Prevention Possible?

Episode 126-130

Episode 130: Testis Cancer – Apply the Guidelines to Clinical Practice

Episode 129: How to Safely and Properly Administer Immunotherapies

Episode 128: Management of Advanced Kidney Cancer: A Guide to Targeted Agents and Immunotherapies

Episode 127: Peer-Reviewed Guidance on How to Manage Immune-Related Adverse Events & Toxicities

Episode 126: Advanced Prostate Cancer: AUA/ASTRO/SUO Guideline Update

Episodes 121-125

Episode 125: How Can We Improve SDM A Prostate Cancer Survivor’s Perspective

Episode 124: Novel Imaging for High Risk Prostate Cancer

Episode 123: Evolving Landscape of Androgen Deprivation Therapy in Advanced Prostate Cancer

Episode 122: Identification And Management Of Comorbid Conditions In The Patient With Advanced Prostate Cancer

Episode 121: Case Based Discussion: Role of Genetic Testing and End of Life Care

Episodes 116-120

Episode 120: Optimizing the Treatment of Complicated UTIs

Episode 119: Case Based Discussion: Early M1 CRPC & Advanced M1 CRPC

Episode 118: Advances in Immuno-Oncology in Urothelial Carcinoma

Episode 117: Case Based Discussion: BCR and Novel Pet Imaging & M0 CRPC

Episode 116: Understanding Intrarenal Pressure

Episodes 111-115

Episode 115: Live from AUA2021: Highlights in Overactive Bladder (2021) 

Episode 114: Live from AUA2021: Highlights in Advanced Prostate Cancer (2021)

Episode 113: NMIBC Guidelines

Episode 112: Improving Racial Disparities in Treatment Outcomes Podcast

Episode 111: Urolithiasis: Metabolic Evaluation and Medical Management

Episodes 106-110

Episode 110: Optimizing Pre-Operative Care for Patients Undergoing Urologic Surgery

Episode 109: Reducing Opioid Exposure in the Perioperative Setting

Episode 108: An Overview of PARPi & Adverse Event Management

Episode 107: Genomic Testing in Prostate Cancer

Episode 106: Insight into Race, SDM and the Impact on Access to Quality Care Podcast

Episodes 101-105

Episode 105: Surgical Management Of BPH

Episode 104: Genetic Testing in Bladder Cancer

Episode 103: AUA2021 Kick Off Weekend: Contemporary Pharmacotherapy for OAB 2021

Episode 102: AUA2021 Kick Off Weekend: Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy for the Urologist and APP

Episode 101: AUA2021 Kick Off Weekend: Trimodality Therapy for Management of Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer

Episodes 96-100

Episode 100: AUA2021 Kick Off Weekend: Diagnosis & Management of Localized & Advanced Kidney Cancer

Episode 99: AUA2021 Kick Off Weekend: Incorporating Genomic Testing For Prostate Cancer into Your Practice

Episode 98: Diversity In Urology: Initiatives And Opportunities

Episode 97: How to Manage a 65 Year Old Man with Bothersome LUTS and Underactive Bladder

Episode 96: PARP Inhibitors: Best Practices In Advanced Prostate Cancer Care In The Community

Episodes 91-95

Episode 95: Multidisciplinary Discussion On Fertility, Hypogonadism & Sexual Function For Testis Cancer Patients

Episode 94: PARP Inhibitors: Assessing the Clinical Trial Landscape

Episode 93: Controversies In Urology - Robotic Kidney Transplantation

Episode 92: Panel Discussion - Infection And Urologic Implants

Episode 91: PARP Inhibitors: Assessing the Rapidly Evolving Treatment Landscape

Episodes 86-90

Episode 90: Metastatic Hormone Sensitive Prostate Cancer - Expert Guidance For Urologists

Episode 89: Impacts of COVID-19 on Urology Training and Education

Episode 88: Crossfire In Urology - Robotic Reconstruction

Episode 87: Adjuvant Treatment In Bladder Cancer

Episode 86: AUA Guidelines Case - Based Panel Stress Urinary Incontinence

Episodes 81-85

Episode 85: Panel Discussion - Peyronie's Disease Management

Episode 84: Pain Management In Urologic Surgery

Episode 83: Bulbar Urethral Strictures 101 - A Review Of The Guidelines And Basic Management Options

Episode 82: Update Series - Dusting Vs Extraction Strategies During Ureteroscopy

Episode 81: GU Podcast (2020) - Sequencing Of Agents And Combination Of Treatment Options For RCC

Episodes 76-80

Episode 80: GU Podcast (2020) - Sequencing Of Agents And Combination Of Treatment Options For Bladder

Episode 79: Role of Genetic Testing in Advanced M1 CRPC & M1 CRPC Post-Docataxel Chemotherapy

Episode 78: Case-Based Discussion: Early M1 CRPC Management and Advanced M1 CRPC

Episode 77: Case-Based Discussion: BCR and mHSPC & M0 CRPC

Episode 76: GU Podcast (2020): Genetic Testing And Personalized Medicine In Prostate Cancer

Episodes 71-75

Episode 75: GU Podcast (2020): Addressing Disparities in Prostate Cancer Care

Episode 74: GU Podcast (2020): Chemo-ablation Of Upper-Tract Urothelial Carcinoma

Episode 73: GU Podcast (2020): Advanced Prostate Cancer: AUA/ASTRO/SUO Guideline: Part 2

Episode 72: GU Podcast (2020): Targeted Therapies and Integration with Surgical Management of RCC

Episode 71: GU Podcast (2020): Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors In RCC

Episodes 66-70

Episode 70: GU Podcast (2020): The Expanding Role Of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors In MIBC And NMIBC

Episode 69: GU Podcast (2020): Advanced Prostate Cancer - AUA ASTRO SUO Guideline Podcast Part 1

Episode 68: Summer School: 2020 Guideline - BPH

Episode 67: Genetic Testing in Prostate Cancer: Considerations for Urologists and Their Patients

Episode 66: Summer School: Controversies In Surgical Stone Management - A Case-Based Instructional Course

Episode 61-65

Episode 65: Summer School: Understanding The Evidence New Technologies For Treating BPH & LUTS 2020

Episode 64: Summer School : AUA 2020 Guideline Disorders Of Ejaculation

Episode 63: Summer School: Testis Cancer - Current Concepts And Controversies

Episode 62: Medical Student Curriculum Committee: Optimizing Interaction With Urology Remotely

Episode 61: Summer School: What General Urologists Can Do To Evaluate & Successfully Treat Male Infertility

Episodes 56-60

Episode 60: Summer School: Current Urologic Management Of Female Sexual Dysfunction

Episode 59: Summer School: Recurrent UTIs In Women - Ask The Guideline

Episode 58: NIDDK Urologic Diseases In America Episode 3 - Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia

Episode 57: Summer School: Interstitial Cystitis/Bladder Pain Syndrome: Current Diagnosis and Management

Episode 56: Summer School: Surgical & Medical Management of Stones Guidelines Update

Episodes 51-55

Episode 55: Chronic Orchialgia - An Algorithm For Successful Treatment

Episode 54: Increasing Workplace Diversity - Attracting And Retaining Women And Minority Urologists

Episode 53: Framing Pragmatic Strategies To Reduce Mortality From Urothelial Cancer

Episode 52: Kidney Stone Disease: Rare and Challenging Cases

Episode 51: NIDDK Urologic Diseases in America Episode 2 - Urinary Incontinence

Episodes 46-50

Episode 50: AUA2019 MAPPing The Clinical Implications Of Phenotypes And Clusters Mixdown

Episode 49: 2020 AUA MIPS Reporting Webinar

Episode 48: COVID-19: Telemedicine with Dr. Eugene Rhee and Elective Surgery with Dr. Chris Gonzalez

Episode 47: AUA2019 Panel Discussion - New Technologies For Diagnosing UTIs

Episode 46: NIDDK Urologic Diseases In America Intro

Episodes 41-45

Episode 45: AUA2019 State - Of - The - Art Lecture STDs And The CDC

Episode 44: Get The Facts : AUA/SUFU Diagnosis and Treatment Of Non-Neurogenic OAB in Adults Guideline Update

Episode 43: AUA2019 Crossfire: Controversies in Urology: Ureteral Reimplantation should be Robotic

Episode 42: AUA2019 Crossfire Controversies In Urology Primary Bulbar Stricture DVIU Is What To Do

Episode 41: Rotating On The Urology Service Facts And Strategy For Medical Students

Episodes 36-40

Episode 40: 2019 Presidential Address: Urologic Research: Why is it So Important to Us

Episode 39: AUA2018 Presidential Address: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and the Future of Urology

Episode 38: AUA2017 Presidential Address: Urology: A Personal Perspective

Episode 37: AUA2016 Presidential Address: US Healthcare Reform: Past, Present, and Future

Episode 36: Targeted Therapies In Renal Cell Carcinoma

Episodes 31-35

Episode 35: Sequencing Of Agents And Combination Of Treatment Options For Bladder Cancer

Episode 34: Sequencing Of Agents And Combination of Treatment Options for Renal Cell Carcinoma

Episode 33: Adjuvant Therapy in Renal Cell Carcinoma

Episode 32: Comorbidities in Advanced Prostate Cancer

Episode 31: Genetic Testing in Prostate Cancer

Episodes 26-30

Episode 30: Chemo-ablation of Upper-Tract Urothelial Carcinoma

Episode 29: AUA SIU Symposium Therapeutic Advances In Immuno - Oncology

Episode 28: Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors In Renal Cell Carcinoma

Episode 27: AUA2019 Take Home Messages - Female Urology And Incontinence - Reconstruction

Episode 26: Sequencing Of Agents And Combination Therapy In Castrate Resistant Prostate Cancer

Episodes 21-25

Episode 25: The Role of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors in Bladder Cancer

Episode 24: Treatment For Metastatic Hormone Sensitive Prostate Cancer (M - HSPC)

Episode 23: Update Series v38l1 Diagnosis And Management Of Pheochromocytoma

Episode 22: Clinical Investigations in the Treatment of Urothelial Carcinoma

Episode 21: AUA2019 Take Home Messages Infertility Andrology - Sexual Dysfunction Mixdown

Episodes 16-20

Episode 20: AUA2019 Take Home Messages - Endourology And Transplantation

Episode 19: Second Opinion Cases Ask The Guidelines! Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection

Episode 18: AUA2019 Take Home Messages Pediatrics

Episode 17: AUA2019 Take Home Messages - Basic Sciences

Episode 16: AUA2019 072IC Management Of NMIBC - Practical Solutions For Common Problems

Episodes 11-15

Episode 15: Manipulating The Androgen Axis | Radionuclide Therapy And Bone Health

Episode 14: AUA2019 048IC Novel Agents & Concepts In The Management Of Hormone Naïve & CRPC

Episode 13: Setting Up a Clinic In The Community Setting | The Role Of Chemotherapy Treatment

Episode 12: AUA2019 037IC Help Patients Decide On Prostate Cancer Screening And Treatment

Episode 11: Genetic Testing in Advanced Prostate Cancer and Initial Management of Biochemical Recurrence

Episodes 6-10

Episode 10: AUA2019 035IC Contemporary Pharmacotherapy For OAB 2019

Episode 9: AUA2019 077IC Establishing A Multidisciplinary Oncology Clinic With Advanced Therapeutics

Episode 8: AUA2019 027IC AUA CRPC Guidelines And Therapeutic Advances In Metastatic Prostate Cancer

Episode 7: AUA2019 023IC - Chemotherapy And Immunotherapy Options For Genitourinary Malignancies

Episode 6: Emerging Treatment Options For Non - Metastatic CRPC Sept 2018

Episodes 1-5

Episode 5: AUA2019 076IC - Advanced OAB Therapies - What To Do When 1st And 2nd Line Therapies Do Not Work

Episode 4: AUA2019 013IC Genetic Testing In Prostate Cancer

Episode 3: Live From AUA2019 Management Of Advanced And Metastatic Urothelial Carcinoma

Episode 2: Live From AUA2019 Management Of Non - Muscle Invasive Urothelial Carcinoma

Episode 1: Medical Student Webinar: Urologic Care within Transgender Medicine: Overview of Core Knowledge