General Cancer 1 (Localized/Advanced Prostate, Localized Kidney)-Mark L. Gonzalgo, MD, PhD

PDF icon 11 Gonzalgo General Cancer 1 cover.pdf

General Cancer 2 (Bladder, Upper Tract TCC, Advanced Kidney)  Siamak Daneshmand, MD

PDF icon 12-Daneshmand General Cancer 2.pdf

Medical Urology: Hypertension, Fluids and Electrolytes, Nephrology Sarah Elfering, MD

PDF icon 13 Elfering Medical Urology.pdf

Trauma Jay Simhan, MD

PDF icon 14 Simhan Trauma.pdf

Geriatric Urology Deborah J. Lightner, MD

PDF icon 15 Lightner Geriactrics.pdf

Complications of Urologic Surgery Jay D. Raman, MD

PDF icon 16 Raman Complications.pdf

Endocrine Daniel H. Williams, IV, MD & Sarah Elfering

PDF icon 17a Williams Endocrine.pdf

PDF icon 17b Elfering Endocrine.pdf

Stones (not metabolic stones)  Mantu Gupta, MD

PDF icon 18 Gupta Stones.pdf

Prostate Evaluation/ Biopsy Jay D. Raman, MD

PDF icon 19 Raman Prostate.pdf

Infection Robert J. Evans, MD, FACS

PDF icon 20-Evans Infection.pdf

Radiology/ Radiation Safety Timothy D. Averch, MD

PDF icon 21 Averch Radiology.pdf

Office Based Practice and Guidelines (UTI’s hematuria, genital pain, etc) Deborah J. Lightner, MD            

PDF icon 22 Lightner Office Based.pdf