Annual Review Course Webcast (2018)

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In preparation for the American Board of Urology (ABU) Qualifying (Part 1) Examination, residents need to have basic urologic knowledge to prepare them for the ABU examinations. To fulfill this need, the American Urological Association (AUA) developed this course to disseminate current urologic knowledge. This course is also of interest to practicing urologist preparing for the Recertification Examination as well as others, including allied health professionals, looking for a thorough review of basic urologic topics.

Target Audience

  • Resident
  • Urologist
  • APN/PA

Learning Objectives

After completing this activity, the learner will be able to: 

  1. Apply basic, generally accepted urological practices for superior patient care.
  2. Demonstrate the core knowledge of urology necessary for Part I of the American Board of Urology (ABU) qualifying examination and for the recertification knowledge assessment.
  3. Utilize AUA Guidelines for appropriate patient evaluation and management.
Course summary
Course opens: 
Course expires: 

PENILE AND URETHRAL CANCER: Robert G. Uzzo, MD                                                              

  • Epidemiology
  • Diagnosis and Staging
  • Imaging and Treatment

RENAL AND URETERAL TUMORS: Robert G. Uzzo, MD                                                  

  • Epidemiology, Anatomy, Diagnosis and Imaging (Including Evaluation of Renal Masses)
    • Treatment of Localized Disease (including Role of Partial Nephrectomy)
    • Treatment of Metastatic Disease
    • Transitional Cell Carcinoma

BLADDER CANCER: Michael A. O’Donnell, MD                                                  

  • Epidemiology, Anatomy, Diagnosis and Imaging
    • Treatment of NMIBC/ Superficial Disease Managment
    • Bladder Cancer Test Questions

BLADDER CANCER: Angela M. Smith, MD                      

  • Staging and Risk Stratification of Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer
  • Multidisciplinary Treatment including Radical Cystectomy, Lymphadenectomy, Peri-Operative Chemotherapy and Chemoradiation Therapy
  • Metabolic Derangements that Occur with Diversions
  • Other Bladder Sparing Treatments
  • Treatment of Metastatic Disease

BLADDER CANCER QUESTIONS: Michael A. O’Donnell, MD and Angela M. Smith, MD              

ANATOMY AND EMBRYOLOGY: Howard B. Goldman, MD                                                    

  • Applied Anatomy
  • Embryology

BPH: Claus G. Roehrborn, MD

  • Evaluation
  • Medical Management
  • Surgical Management

PROSTATE CANCER : Adam S. Kibel, MD                                                               

  • Diagnosis and Screen, Staging, Imaging (including PSA Screening Controversies)
  • Treatment of Localized Cancer (U.S. Stages A and B), Watchful Waiting, Radiation, Interstitial Irradiation, Surgery, Cryosurgery and Hormonal Therapy)
  • Treatment of Advanced Cancer (U.S. Stages C and D) and Treatment of Radiation Failure
  • DVT Prophylaxis       

ADRENAL: Jay T. Bishoff, MD                                                               

  • Epidemiology, Diagnosis and Imaging (including Cushings, Hyperaldosteronism, Pheochromocytoma, Cancer and the Incidentally Found Adrenal Mass)
  • Management (including Pheochromocytoma, Cancer, Hyperaldosteronism, Incidentaloma and Metastatic Disease)


PEDIATRIC UROLOGY: Andrew J. Kirsch, MD                                                                      

  • Congenital Urinary Tract Abnormalities
  • UPJ Obstruction, UVJ Obstruction (megaureter)
  • Ureteroceles
  • Cystic Kidney Disease
  • Posterior Urethral Valves
  • Prune Belly Syndrome
  • Vesicoureteral Reflux

PEDIATRIC UROLOGY: Armando J. Lorenzo, MD                                                                

  • Pediatric Urinary Incontinence and Bladder Disorders
  • Voiding Dysfunction and Neurogenic Bladder 
  • Developmental Anomalies of the Bladder          
  • Urinary Tract Infection and Secondary Reflux
  • Management of Neurogenic and Non-Neurogenic Bladder

PEDIATRIC UROLOGY: Andrew J. Kirsch, MD                                                                      

  • Disorders of the Genitalia/Scrotum
  • Disorders of Sexual Differentiation
  • Hypospadias
  • Undescended Testicle, Hydroceles, Hernias

PEDIATRIC UROLOGY: Armando J. Lorenzo, MD                                                    

  • Pediatric Urological Oncology
  • Wilms’ Tumor and Other  Renal Tumors
  • Rhabdomyosarcoma
  • Neuroblastoma
  • Testis Tumors

PEDIATRIC REVIEW QUESTIONS: Andrew J. Kirsch, MD and Armando J. Lorenzo, MD

UROLITHIASIS: Sara L. Best, MD                                                                    

  • Epidemiology, PathophysiologY
  • Evaluation and Medical Management

INFECTION AND INFLAMMATION: Hannah R. Choate, MD                                                                               

  • Interstitial Cystitis
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, AIDS and others)


  • Surgical Management of Stone Disease

LAPAROSCOPY: Jay T. Bishoff, MD                                                      

  • Physiology and Complications


RENAL MEDICINE: Hannah R. Choate, MD                                                         

  • Renal Transplantation
  • Renal Vascular Disease
  • Renal Physiology (including Fluid and Electrolytes)

NEUROUROLOGY: Stephen R. Kraus, MD                                                          

URODYNAMICS TRACING REVIEW: Stephen R. Kraus, MD and Howard B. Goldman, MD

FEMALE UROLOGY: Howard B. Goldman, MD                                        

  • Overactive Bladder/Urgency Incontinence
  • Stress Urinary Incontinence
  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse
  • Vaginal Masses/Urethral Diverticulum
  • Urinary Fistula

ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION: John P. Mulhall, MD                                                          

  • Physiology of Erection, Pathophysiology of Erectile Dysfunction
  • Evaluation and Management of Erectile Dysfunction
  • Pathophysiology, Evaluation and Management of Priapism Pathophysiology, Evaluation and Management of Peyronie’s Disease


  • Epidemiology, Diagnosis, Staging and Imaging (including the Role of Markers and CIS)
  • Treatment of Seminoma
  • Treatment of Non-Seminomatous Germ Cell Tumors (including Controversy Regarding Stage A Management, Risk Factors for Recurrence, Algorithms for Stages A,B, and C)

INFERTILITY: Paul  J. Turek, MD                                                   

  • Physiology and Pathophysiology of Male Reproduction
  • Evaluation of the Infertile Male
  • Treatment of the Infertile Male (Surgical and Non-surgical)
  • Hypogonadism
  • Testosterone Replacement

GU RADIOLOGY: Brian R. Herts, MD                                                              

  • Basics of MR, CT, US, VCUG
  • Solid and Cystic Renal Masses (CT and MR)
  • Transitional Cell Carcinoma
  • Prostate MR
  • Adrenal Imaging
  • Scrotal ImaginG
  • Retroperitoneal Tumors
  • Radiation Basic Principles


  • Renal and Ureteral Trauma: Evaluation and Management
  • Bladder and Urethral Trauma: Evaluation and Management
  • Genital Trauma: Evaluation and Management
  • Urethral Stricture Disease
Faculty Disclosures
Sara L. Best, MDAmerican Urological AssociationMeeting Participant or LecturerYes
Endourological SocietyMeeting Participant or LecturerYes
Jay T. Bishoff, MDMyriad GeneticsConsultant or Advisor, Scientific Study or TrialYes
Hannah R. Choate, MDNothing to discloseYes
Howard B. Goldman, MD, FACSallerganConsultant or AdvisorYes
NuvectraConsultant or AdvisorYes
AxonicsConsultant or AdvisorYes
NewUroConsultant or AdvisorYes
GalvaniConsultant or AdvisorYes
bionessScientific Study or TrialNo
CookScientific Study or TrialYes
MedtronicConsultant or Advisor, Meeting Participant or Lecturer, Scientific Study or TrialYes
Brian Herts, MDSiemens HealthineersScientific Study or TrialYes
Adam S. Kibel, MDProfoundConsultant or AdvisorYes
JanssenConsultant or AdvisorYes
ConfirmMDxConsultant or AdvisorYes
PfizerConsultant or AdvisorYes
Andrew J. Kirsch, MDNothing to discloseYes
 Stephen R. Kraus, MDLaborieCourse Director and Teaching FacultyYes
AllerganConsultant or AdvisorYes
AstellasConsultant or Advisor, Meeting Participant or LecturerYes
Gary E. LemackRoivantConsultant or AdvisorYes
AllerganConsultant or Advisor, Meeting Participant or LecturerYes
 Armando J. Lorenzo, MD  Yes
John P. Mulhall, MDAssociation of Peyronie's Disease Advocates (APDA)Leadership PositionYes
PfizerConsultant or Advisor, Meeting Participant or Lecturer, Scientific Study or TrialYes
Michael A. O'Donnell, MDViventiaConsultant or AdvisorYes
Fidia PharmaceuticalsConsultant or AdvisorYes
Abbott MolecularScientific Study or TrialYes
TelestaConsultant or AdvisorYes
Roche/GenentechScientific Study or TrialYes
Medical EnterprisesConsultant or Advisor, Scientific Study or TrialYes
TheralaseConsultant or Advisor, Investment InterestYes
Spectrum PharmaceuticalsConsultant or AdvisorYes
PhotocureScientific Study or TrialNo
Michel A. Pontari, MDLillyConsultant or AdvisorYes
aquinoxConsultant or Advisor, Scientific Study or TrialYes
allerganConsultant or AdvisorYes
Claus G. Roehrborn, MDGlaxo Smith KlineConsultant or Advisor, Meeting Participant or LecturerYes
Southwest Oncology GroupScientific Study or TrialYes
NIDDKHealth Publishing, Scientific Study
or Trial
nymoxConsultant or AdvisorYes
Procept BioroboticsConsultant or Advisor, Scientific Study or TrialYes
Boston ScientificConsultant or AdvisorYes
NxtheraScientific Study or TrialNo
AstellasScientific Study or TrialYes
NeotractConsultant or Advisor, Scientific Study or TrialYes
NERIConsultant or Advisor, Scientific Study or TrialYes
CALGB Clinical Trial GroupScientific Study or TrialYes
ProtoxConsultant or Advisor, Scientific Study or TrialYes
Wade J. Sexton, MDNothing to discloseYes
Jay Simhan, MDBoston ScientificMeeting Participant or LecturerYes
ColoplastMeeting Participant or LecturerYes
Angela M. Smith, MDAHRQScientific Study or TrialYes
PCORIScientific Study or TrialYes
Paul J. Turek, MDMandalMedLeadership PositionYes
Medical Board of CaliforniaConsultant or AdvisorYes
HealthLoop.comConsultant or Advisor, Investment InterestYes
Doximity, IncConsultant or Advisor, Investment InterestYes
Episona, IncConsultant or AdvisorYes
Cellarity Biotechnologies, IncLeadership Position, Investment Interest, Owner, Product DevelopmentYes
Contraline, IncConsultant or AdvisorYes
FutureFamily, IncConsultant or AdvisorYes
BioQuiddity, IncConsultant or Advisor, Investment InterestYes
Essential Beginnings, IncLeadership Position, Investment Interest, Owner, Product DevelopmentYes
Robert G. Uzzo, MDJanssenMeeting Participant or LecturerYes
PfizerMeeting Participant or LecturerYes
NovartisScientific Study or TrialYes
GenentechScientific Study or TrialYes
Education Council Disclosures
Michael R. Abern, MDDepartment of Defense Prostate Cancer Research ProgramScientific Study or TrialYes
 American Urological Association Office of EducationConsultant or AdvisorYes
 Department of Defense Prostate Cancer Research ProgramConsultant or AdvisorYes
Sero Andonian, MDLumenisMeeting Participant or Lecturer,
Scientific Study or Trial
Timothy Charles Brand, MDNothing to discloseYes
Anthony A. Caldamone, MDNothing to discloseYes
Matthew S. Christman, MDNothing to discloseYes
John D. Denstedt, MDCook UrologyOwner, Product DevelopmentYes
 Endourological SocietyLeadership PositionYes
 Endourological SocietyHealth PublishingYes
Jody DonaldsonNothing to discloseYes
Shelby EnglertNothing to discloseYes
Allen Gao, MD, PhDPandomedxLeadership Position, Owner, Product DevelopmentYes
Matthew Thomas Gettman, MDCOVR MedicalConsultant or AdvisorYes
 Intuitive SurgicalConsultant or AdvisorYes
 Exact SciencesScientific Study or TrialYes
Howard B. Goldman, MDallerganConsultant or AdvisorYes
 MedtronicConsultant or Advisor, Meeting Participant or Lecturer, Scientific Study or TrialYes
 CookScientific Study or TrialNo
 NuvectraConsultant or AdvisorYes
 AxonicsConsultant or AdvisorYes
 NewUroConsultant or AdvisorYes
 GalvaniConsultant or AdvisorYes
 bionessScientific Study or TrialNo
William C. Huang, MDPhotocureScientific Study or TrialYes
 Karl StorzScientific Study or TrialYes
 IntuitiveMeeting Participant or LecturerYes
William C. Hulbert, Jr., MDNothing to discloseYes
Brant Inman, MD, MS, FRCSCDendreonScientific Study or TrialNo
 Abbott LaboratoriesScientific Study or TrialNo
 Genentech IncScientific Study or TrialNo
 Combat MedicalConsultant or Advisor, Scientific Study or TrialYes
 FKD TherapiesScientific Study or TrialNo
 BioCancellConsultant or AdvisorYes
 NucleixScientific Study or TrialYes
 UrogenScientific Study or TrialYes
Mark L. Jordan MD,FACSNothing to discloseYes
Martin A. Koyle, MDNothing to discloseYes
Yair Lotan, MDabbottScientific Study or TrialNo
 CepheidConsultant or Advisor, Scientific Study or TrialNo
 Pacific EdgeScientific Study or TrialNo
 FKDScientific Study or TrialNo
 MDxHealthConsultant or Advisor, Scientific Study or TrialYes
 biocancellScientific Study or TrialNo
 GenomeDx Biosciences IncScientific Study or TrialNo
 photocureConsultant or Advisor, Scientific Study or TrialNo
Nicole Lara Miller, MDBoston Scientific CorporationConsultant or Advisor, Meeting Participant or LecturerYes
 Practical Reviews In UrologyHealth PublishingYes
Manoj Monga, MD, FACSFortecOtherYes
Ajay Kumar Nangia, MBBS, FACSAUA NewsLeadership Position, Health PublishingYes
 NIH CCN TrialScientific Study or TrialYes
 Urology Care FoundationLeadership PositionNo
 AUA Health Policy CouncilLeadership PositionNo
 South Central AUALeadership PositionNo
 ASRMLeadership PositionNo
Curtis Nickel, MDFarr LaboratoriesConsultant or AdvisorYes
 AquinoxScientific Study or TrialNo
 PureTech HealthConsultant or AdvisorYes
 AUAHealth PublishingYes
 NIHScientific Study or TrialYes
 Canadian Institute of Health ResearchScientific Study or TrialYes
 Interface BiologicsConsultant or AdvisorYes
 Alvio TherapeuticsConsultant or AdvisorYes
 Seikagaku CorporationConsultant or AdvisorYes
 MedifocusConsultant or AdvisorYes
 RedLeaf MedicalConsultant or AdvisorYes
Victor William Nitti, MDAstellasHealth Publishing, Scientific Study or TrialNo
 AllerganHealth Publishing, Scientific Study or TrialNo
 Serenity PharmeuticalsInvestment InterestYes
 MedtronicScientific Study or TrialNo
Christopher Porter, MDNothing to discloseYes
Ganesh V. Raj, MD, PhDPtaresOwner, Product DevelopmentYes
 C-diagnostics corpConsultant or Advisor, Investment InterestYes
 amgenMeeting Participant or LecturerYes
 Johnson and JohnsonConsultant or Advisor, Owner, Product DevelopmentYes
 AstellasMeeting Participant or LecturerYes
 ASTELLASConsultant or Advisor, Meeting Participant or LecturerYes
 JanssenOwner, Product DevelopmentYes
 BAYERConsultant or Advisor, Meeting Participant or LecturerYes
 SANOFIConsultant or Advisor, Meeting Participant or LecturerYes
 GaudiumRxLeadership Position, Investment Interest, Owner, Product DevelopmentYes
 MedivationConsultant or Advisor, Meeting Participant or Lecturer, Scientific Study or TrialYes
 EtiraRxLeadership Position, Investment Interest, Owner, Product DevelopmentYes
Jay D. Raman, MDAmerican Kidney Stone ManagementInvestment InterestYes
 MDx HealthScientific Study or TrialNo
Lee Richstone, MD   
Heather SchultzSUNAMeeting Participant or LecturerYes
 SUNALeadership PositionNo
Karl-Dietrich SievertMedtronicsMeeting Participant or Lecturer, Scientific Study or TrialYes
 AllergenConsultant or Advisor, Meeting Participant or Lecturer, Scientific Study or TrialYes
 NeotractMeeting Participant or LecturerYes
 StimguardMeeting Participant or Lecturer, Scientific Study or TrialYes
Joseph A. Smith Jr., MDNothing to discloseYes
Ryan Patrick Terlecki, MD, FACSAmerican Medical SystemsConsultant or Advisor, OtherYes
 Boston ScientificConsultant or AdvisorYes
 MicroGen DxConsultant or AdvisorYes
 U.S. Department of DefenseScientific Study or TrialYes
Edouard John Trabulsi, MD, FACSGenomeDxConsultant or AdvisorYes
 JanssenConsultant or Advisor, Meeting Participant or LecturerYes
 PfizerConsultant or Advisor, Meeting Participant or LecturerYes
 MerckMeeting Participant or LecturerYes

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