Recertification (MOC) Review Course Webcast (2015): Exam Overview and Test Taking Logistics


The purpose of the AUA Recertification (MOC) Review Course is to prepare attendees for the ABU Recertification Examination. This course will be practice focused and will offer practical and clinically-specific updates. It will highlight the AUA guidelines and address general urology practice issues that can be expected on the Recertification Exam. Sample multiple choice practice questions as well as case based discussions and debates will be utilized to prepare attendees for the upcoming Recertification Examination.

NOTE: This video is a non-CME resource. 

Target Audience

  • Urologist

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  1. Review generally accepted urological practices for superior patient care.
  2. Develop a core knowledge of urology necessary for taking the Recertification Examination.
  3. Examine the most recent changes and additions to the AUA guidelines
Course summary
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Bernard H. Bochner, MD, FACS: Nothing to disclose
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Timothy Charles Brand, M.D.: Nothing to disclose             
Peter Robert Carroll, MD MPH: NIH: Scientific Study or Trial; Department of Defense: Scientific Study or Trial; Myriad Genetics: Scientific Study or Trial; AUA Update: Leadership Position        ; Genomic Health: Scientific Study or Trial            
Sam S. Chang, MD: astellas: Consultant or Advisor; NIH: Scientific Study or Trial; Cold Genesys, Inc: Scientific Study or Trial;                 GLG: Consultant or Advisor; Bayer: Consultant or Advisor            
Pat Fox Fulgham, MD: Urology Clinics of North Texas: Investment Interest
Matthew Thomas Gettman, M.D.: Nothing to disclose                   
Christina Giffin (OE Staff): Nothing to disclose  
Inderbir Singh Gill ,M.D., M.Ch.: Hansen Medical: Investment Interest; EDAP: Consultant or Advisor; EDAP: Consultant or Advisor; Mimic: Consultant or Advisor
Misop Han, MD: Nothing to disclose      
David Alan Hatch ,M.D.: Pfizer: Scientific Study or Trial  
Douglas A. Husmann MD: Nothing to disclose                    
Mark L. Jordan, M.D., F.A.C.S: Nothing to disclose           
Louis Koncz ,PA-C: American Medical Systems: Meeting Participant or Lecturer
Tracey Lynn Krupski, MD: Nothing to disclose                     
Cheryl Taylore Lee, MD: Endo Pharmaceuticals: Scientific Study or Trial 
Yair Lotan, M.D.: abbott: Scientific Study or Trial; Danone: Consultant or Advisor, Scientific Study or Trial; Cepheid: Scientific Study or Trial; Pacific Edge: Scientific Study or Trial; FKD: Scientific Study or Trial; MDxHealth: Consultant or Advisor; Biocancell: Scientific Study or Trial; Genomic Health: Scientific Study or Trial; GenomeDx Biosciences Inc: Scientific Study or Trial; Photocure: Scientific Study or Trial               
Jill A. Macoska PhD: Nothing to disclose                 
Manoj Monga, MD, FACS: Fortec: Other; endourology society: Leadership Position
Victor William Nitti, MD (OE Staff): Serenity Pharmeuticals: Investment Interest            
Gail S. Prins PhD: Nothing to disclose                     
Lee Richstone, M.D.: Nothing to disclose                              
Karl-Dietrich Sievert, M.D., Ph.D.: AMS: Meeting Participant or Lecturer; Karl Storz: Meeting Participant or Lecturer; Medtronics: Meeting Participant or Lecturer, Scientific Study or Trial       ; Allergen: Consultant or Advisor, Meeting Participant or Lecturer, Scientific Study or Trial; Neotract: Meeting Participant or Lecturer            
Joseph A. Smith Jr.,M.D.: Nothing to disclose    
Sean Patrick Stroup: Intuitive Surgical: Meeting Participant or Lecturer; NeoTract: Meeting Participant or Lecturer
Edouard John Trabulsi, M.D.: Nothing to disclose   

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