Optimizing Measurements for Bladder Cancer Precision Medicine (2022)

March 4, 2022 to March 5, 2022

Johns Hopkins Greenberg Bladder Cancer Institute and American Urological Association Translational Research Collaboration

Optimizing Measurements for Bladder Cancer Precision Medicine (2022) will be held virtually on  March 4-5, 2022.

The fifth annual translational research meeting provided by the American Urological Association and the Johns Hopkins Greenberg Bladder Cancer Institute will be a two-day, virtual symposium focused on the science and treatment of bladder cancer.  

Whole genome analyses conducted by The Cancer Genome Atlas network and private organizations produced comprehensive molecular portraits of primary urothelial cancers, and retrospective studies linked specific DNA alterations and gene expression profiles to patient prognoses and level of benefit from conventional chemotherapy and targeted therapies.  These biomarkers are now being evaluated prospectively as integral or integrated biomarkers in clinical trials, although controversy has emerged regarding their reliability.  In parallel, substantial progress has been made in the development of tests that measure candidate cancer biomarkers in blood or urine (“liquid biopsies”), and several tumor- and blood-based biomarkers have been linked to sensitivity or resistance to immunotherapy. 



The AUA would like to thank the following companies for providing independent educational grants in support of Optimizing Measurements for Bladder Cancer Precision Medicine:

Janssen Biotech, Inc., administered by Janssen Scientific Affairs, LLC



  • David McConkey, PhD (Chair) - Johns Hopkins University Greenberg Bladder Cancer Institute
  • Woonyoung Choi, PhD, MS - Johns Hopkins University Greenberg Bladder Cancer Institute
  • Max Kates, MD - Johns Hopkins University Greenberg Bladder Cancer Institute
  • Jean Hoffman-Censits, MD - Johns Hopkins University Greenberg Bladder Cancer Institute
  • Sima Porten, MD, MPH - University of California San Francisco
  • Bishoy Faltas, MD - Weill Cornell Medicine
  • Joshua Meeks, MD, PhD - Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine
  • Cathy Mendelsohn, PhD - Columbia University


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Target Audience

  • Urologists
  • Research scientists
  • Clinical and research faculty
  • Clinical and postdoctoral fellows
  • Residents
  • Medical and graduate students
  • Medical professionals employed by industry

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this meeting, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the state of the science in molecular biomarkers for bladder cancer
  2. Describe the established and emerging tissue-based molecular biomarkers for the selection of patients for treatment with conventional chemotherapy or immunotherapy and discuss their strengths and limitations.
  3. Evaluate the status of “liquid biopsies” for tracking local and systemic minimal residual disease (MRD).
  4. Explain emerging molecular imaging probes and the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to conventional pathologic assessments.
  5. Explain patient perspectives on “reflex” somatic and germline DNA sequencing.
Course summary
Available credit: 
  • 6.50 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™
  • 6.50 Non-Physician Participation
Course opens: 
Course expires: 
Event starts: 
03/04/2022 - 12:00pm EST
Event ends: 
03/05/2022 - 3:30pm EST

*agenda updates will be posted as they become available.
All times are listed in EST. 

Friday, March 4, 2022

12:00 PM                                       

Welcome Remarks

David McConkey, PhD
Johns Hopkins Greenberg Bladder Cancer Institute

Taylor Monson
American Urological Association

 Session 1: Molecular Subtypes 


12:15 PMThe Landscape of Bladder Cancer Molecular Subtypes

Gottfrid Sjodahl, PhD
Associate Professor at the Department of Translational Medicine, Lund University, Sweden

12:45 PMMaking Sense of Disparate Data: Clinical Application of Molecular Subtyping        

Peter Black, MD
Professor, Department of Urologic Sciences, University of British Columbia

1:15 PMQ&ASeth P. Lerner, MD
Professor, Scott Department of Urology, Beth and Dave Swalm Chair in Urologic Oncology, Vice-Chair for Faculty Affairs, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX
1:25 PMBreak
1:30 PM

Pparg Signaling Specifies Luminal Subtype Differentiation and Inhibits Immune Infiltration in Cladder Cancer

Cathy Mendelsohn, PhD
Professor, Columbia University, Departments of Urology, Genetics & Development and Pathology

2:00 PMEpigenetics of Bladder Cancer

David Kwiatkowski, MD, PhD
Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Senior Physician, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Leader, Cancer Genetics Program, Dana Farber/Harvard Cancer Center, Associate Member, Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, Boston, MA

2:30 PMA Multi-Biopsy Approach to Assess Plasticity of NMIBC Gene Expression Signatures                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Noah Hahn, MD
Professor of Oncology and Urology, Johns Hopkins Greenberg Bladder Cancer Institute; Baltimore, MD

3:00 PMQ&A 
3:10 PMDay 1 Wrap Up
3:15 PM                                                                      Meeting Concludes - Day 1                                                                                                                                                                            


Saturday, March 5, 2022

11:00 AM

Welcome Remarks

David McConkey, PhD
Johns Hopkins Greenberg Bladder Cancer Institute

Taylor Monson
American Urological Association


Session 2: Predicting Benefit from Immunotherapy 


11:05 AMOverview

Thomas Powles, MBBS, MRCP, MD
Professor of Genitourinary Oncology, Bart's Cancer Institute and Director of Bart's Cancer Centre, St. Bartholomew's Hospital, London

11:35 AM

Biology of Immune Checkpoint Blockade Resistance

Matthew Galsky, MD, FASCO
Director, Genitourinary Medical Oncology, Professor of Medicine, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Associate Director, Translational Research, Co-Leader, Cancer Clinical Investigation Program, Tisch Cancer Institute

12:05 PM

Molecular Correlates Predict BCG Response in NMIBC


Woonyoung Choi, PhD, MS
Assistant Professor of Urology, Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine

12:35 PMQ&A/DiscussionJoshua J. Meeks, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Urology, Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, Edward M. Schaeffer Professor of Urology, Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine, Jesse Brown, VA Medical Center, Chicago IL
12:45 PMBreak

Session 3: Liquid Biopsies 


1:00 PMtDNA: History and Overview

Lars Dyrskjot Anderson, PhD
Aarhaus University

1:30 PMCharacterizing circulating tumor DNA with targeted panels: opportunities and limitations

Alex Wyatt, DPhil
Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia

2:00 PMQ&ABishoy M. Faltas, MD
Director, Bladder Cancer Research, Englander Institute for Precision Medicine, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Cell and Developmental Biology, Weill-Cornell Medicine
2:10 PMUrine tDNA: UroSEEK

George Netto, MD
Professor and Chair, Robert and Ruth Anderson Endowed Chair in Pathology, Department of Pathology, University of Alabama at Birmingham

2:40 PMUrine Biomarkers to Enhance Clinical Staging after Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy

Phil Abbosh, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Urology at Albert Einstein Medical Center, Assistant Professor, Molecular Therapeutics Program at Fox Chase Cancer Center

3:10 PMQ&ABishoy M. Faltas, MD
Director, Bladder Cancer Research, Englander Institute for Precision Medicine, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Cell and Developmental Biology, Weill-Cornell Medicine
3:20 PMMeeting Summary and Adjournment

David McConkey, PhD
Johns Hopkins Greenberg Bladder Cancer Institute

Taylor Monson
American Urological Association

3:30PMMeeting Concludes - Day 2


Optimizing Precision Measurements for Bladder Cancer Patients (2022) will be held virtually on  March 4-5, 2022.

Faculty and Planner Disclosures 

NameCompany NameRoleFinancialEnd Date
Abbosh, Phillip H.NateraOther-research supportNoCurrent
Abbosh, Phillip H.ProtaraConsultant or AdvisorYes01/01/2021
Abbosh, Phillip H.merckScientific Study or TrialYes06/01/2021
Abbosh, Phillip H.JanssenScientific Study or TrialYesCurrent
Black, Peter ColinJanssenConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Black, Peter ColinAstellasConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Black, Peter ColinAbbVieConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Black, Peter ColinRoche/GenentechConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Black, Peter ColinUrologic OncologyHealth PublishingYes12/31/2020
Black, Peter ColinBladder CancerHealth PublishingYesCurrent
Black, Peter ColinPLOS ONEHealth PublishingYesCurrent
Black, Peter ColinBMC UrologyHealth PublishingYesCurrent
Black, Peter ColinMerckConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Black, Peter ColiniProgenScientific Study or TrialYesCurrent
Black, Peter ColinBayerConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Black, Peter ColinBristol Myers SquibbConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Black, Peter ColinEuropean Urology FocusHealth PublishingNo03/31/2021
Black, Peter ColinSanofiConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Black, Peter ColinPfizerMeeting Participant or LecturerYesCurrent
Black, Peter ColinEMD SeronoConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Black, Peter ColinQED BiosciencesConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Black, Peter ColinProtaraConsultant or AdvisorYes09/01/2020
Black, Peter ColinSesen BioConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Black, Peter ColinSTIMITConsultant or AdvisorYes08/31/2021
Black, Peter ColinProkariumConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Black, Peter ColinFerringConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Black, Peter ColinUroGenConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Black, Peter ColinVerity PharmaceuticalsConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Choi, WoonyoungNothing to disclose   
Dyrskjot, LarsFerringConsultant or AdvisorYes05/01/2020
Dyrskjot, LarsFerringScientific Study or TrialYesCurrent
Dyrskjot, LarsAstraZenecaScientific Study or TrialYesCurrent
Dyrskjot, LarsNateraScientific Study or TrialYesCurrent
Dyrskjot, LarsC2i GenomicsScientific Study or TrialYesCurrent
Dyrskjot, LarsRocheConsultant or AdvisorYes12/02/2020
Dyrskjot, LarsbioXpediaOther-Chairman of the BoardNoCurrent
Dyrskjot, LarsFerringConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Dyrskjot, LarsPhotocureScientific Study or TrialYesCurrent
Faltas, BishoyEli LillyScientific Study or TrialYesCurrent
Faltas, BishoyUrotodayHealth PublishingYesCurrent
Faltas, BishoySpringer NatureHealth PublishingYesCurrent
Faltas, BishoyMerckConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Faltas, BishoyQED TherapueticsConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Faltas, BishoySeattle GeneticsConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Hahn, Noah MMerckConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Hahn, Noah MBMSConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Hahn, Noah MFerringConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Hahn, Noah MPierisConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Hahn, Noah MPrincipiaConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Hahn, Noah MAstraZenecaScientific Study or TrialYesCurrent
Hahn, Noah MGenentechScientific Study or TrialYesCurrent
Hahn, Noah MSeattle GeneticsConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Hahn, Noah MInovioScientific Study or TrialYesCurrent
Hahn, Noah MIncyteConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Hahn, Noah MHealth AdvancesConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Hahn, Noah MJanssenConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Hahn, Noah MEMD SeronoConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Hahn, Noah MPfizerConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Hahn, Noah MChampions OncologyConsultant or AdvisorYes12/31/2020
Hahn, Noah MKeyquest HealthConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Hahn, Noah MGuidepoint GlobalConsultant or AdvisorYes09/01/2021
Hahn, Noah MMiratiConsultant or AdvisorYes07/01/2021
Hahn, Noah MBoehringer IngelheimConsultant or AdvisorYes07/31/2020
Hahn, Noah MCreative Educational ConceptsMeeting Participant or LecturerYes11/30/2021
Hahn, Noah MLarge Urologic Group Practice AssociationMeeting Participant or LecturerYes11/30/2021
Hoffman-Censits, Jean H.Roche GenentechHealth PublishingYesCurrent
Hoffman-Censits, Jean H.Seattle GeneticsConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Hoffman-Censits, Jean H.Foundation MedicineConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Hoffman-Censits, Jean H.Astra-ZenecaConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Hoffman-Censits, Jean H.Uro-genConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Hoffman-Censits, Jean H.GenentechScientific Study or TrialYesCurrent
Kates, MaxJanssenConsultant or AdvisorYes01/03/2021
Kates, MaxGenesis BiotechConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Kates, MaxPacific EdgeConsultant or AdvisorYes03/12/2021
Kates, MaxFergeneConsultant or AdvisorYes05/14/2021
Kwiatkowski, DavidAADIScientific Study or TrialYes01/01/2027
Kwiatkowski, DavidGenentechScientific Study or TrialYes01/01/2027
Kwiatkowski, DavidRevolution MedicinesScientific Study or TrialYes01/01/2027
McConkey, DavidJanssenConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
McConkey, DavidRainierScientific Study or TrialYes01/01/2021
McConkey, DavidH3 BiomedicineConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Meeks, Joshua J.Veteran's Health AdministrationScientific Study or TrialYesCurrent
Meeks, Joshua J.MerckScientific Study or TrialNoCurrent
Meeks, Joshua J.Prostate Cancer FoundationOther-ResearchNoCurrent
Meeks, Joshua J.EpizymeOther-ResearchNoCurrent
Meeks, Joshua J.AbbVieOther-ResearchNo11/01/2020
Meeks, Joshua J.TesaroOther-ResearchNo11/01/2020
Meeks, Joshua J.NextCureScientific Study or TrialNo11/01/2020
Meeks, Joshua J.NCIScientific Study or TrialNoCurrent
Meeks, Joshua J.FerringConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Meeks, Joshua J.AstraZenecaConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Meeks, Joshua J.foundation medicineConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Meeks, Joshua J.NucleixConsultant or AdvisorYes12/01/2020
Meeks, Joshua J.JansenConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Meeks, Joshua J.OlympusMeeting Participant or LecturerYesCurrent
Meeks, Joshua J.bristol myers squibbConsultant or AdvisorYes03/01/2021
Meeks, Joshua J.UrogenConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Meeks, Joshua J.IncyteConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Mendelsohn, CathyNothing to disclose   
Monson, William TaylorNothing to disclose   
Netto, George J.Exact Science inInvestment InterestYesCurrent
Porten, Sima PrabodhPhotocureConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Porten, Sima PrabodhKDxConsultant or AdvisorNo01/01/2021
Porten, Sima PrabodhAdTaraConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Porten, Sima PrabodhColoplastConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Porten, Sima PrabodhMerckConsultant or AdvisorYes07/01/2021
Powles, ThomasAstraZenecaConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Powles, ThomasBMSConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Powles, ThomasExelixisConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Powles, ThomasIncyteConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Powles, ThomasIpsenConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Powles, ThomasMerckConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Powles, ThomasMSDConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Powles, ThomasNovartisConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Powles, ThomasPfizerConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Powles, ThomasSeattle GeneticsConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Powles, ThomasMerck SeronoConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Powles, ThomasAstellasConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Powles, ThomasJohnson & JohnsonConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Powles, ThomasEisaiConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Powles, ThomasRocheConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Powles, ThomasAstraZenecaScientific Study or TrialYesCurrent
Powles, ThomasRocheScientific Study or TrialYesCurrent
Powles, ThomasBMSScientific Study or TrialYesCurrent
Powles, ThomasExelixisScientific Study or TrialYesCurrent
Powles, ThomasIpsenScientific Study or TrialYesCurrent
Powles, ThomasMerckScientific Study or TrialYesCurrent
Powles, ThomasMSDScientific Study or TrialYesCurrent
Powles, ThomasNovartisScientific Study or TrialYesCurrent
Powles, ThomasPfizerScientific Study or TrialYesCurrent
Powles, ThomasSeattle GeneticsScientific Study or TrialYesCurrent
Powles, ThomasMerck SeronoScientific Study or TrialYesCurrent
Powles, ThomasAstellasScientific Study or TrialYesCurrent
Powles, ThomasJohnson & JohnsonScientific Study or TrialYesCurrent
Powles, ThomasEisaiScientific Study or TrialYesCurrent
Powles, ThomasRocheOther: Travel/ Accommodation/ ExpensesYesCurrent
Powles, ThomasPfizerOther: Travel/ Accommodation/ ExpensesYesCurrent
Powles, ThomasMSDOther: Travel/ Accommodation/ ExpensesYesCurrent
Powles, ThomasAstraZenecaOther: Travel/ Accommodation/ ExpensesYesCurrent
Powles, ThomasIpsenOther: Travel/ Accommodation/ ExpensesYesCurrent
Sjodahl, GottfridNothing to disclose   
Wyatt, AlexanderAstraZenecaConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Wyatt, AlexanderAstellasConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
Wyatt, AlexanderJanssenConsultant or AdvisorYesCurrent
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  • 6.50 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™
  • 6.50 Non-Physician Participation


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