Update Series Volume 34 (2015)

Lesson 1: Erectile Dysfunction in the Younger Man

Lesson 2: Acquired Buried Penis in Adolescents and Adults

Lesson 3: Management of Emergency Bleeding, Recalcitrant Clots and Hemorrhagic Cystitis

Lesson 4: Natural Medicine for Early Prostate Cancer

Lesson 5: Genetics of Renal Cancer and Treatment Implications

Lesson 6: Bioethics and Regulatory Compliance in Urological Clinical Trials and Research

Lesson 7: Evaluation and Treatment of the Adolescent Varicocele

Lesson 8: Management of Atypical Urine Cytology

Lesson 9: Anatomy of the Testis: A Clinically Relevant Review

Lesson 10: Clinical Stage I Testicular Cancer

Lesson 11: Prostatic Gizmos and Treatments for BPH: Past, Present and Future

Lesson 12: Female Urinary Incontinence: The Value and Challenges of Randomized Controlled Trials

Lesson 13: Principles of Immunotherapy of Genitourinary Cancer

Lesson 14: Cryptorchidism

Lesson 15: Where Does Shock Wave Lithotripsy Fit in 2015? Technology, Patient Selection and Techniques

Lesson 16: Botulinum Toxin Use in the Lower Urinary Tract in Adults and Children

Lesson 17: Delayed Ejaculation: A Condition Whose Time Has Come

Lesson 18: Genitourinary Trauma

Lesson 19: Ureteroscopic Management of Renal Calculi

Lesson 20: Medical Management of Kidney Stones

Lesson 21: Urological Causes of Hypertension: Evaluation and Management

Lesson 22: Pathophysiology and Management of Matrix Stones

Lesson 23: Renal Function after Renal Cancer Surgery

Lesson 24: Preventive Medicine Counseling in the Urologist’s Office

Lesson 25: Tibial Nerve Stimulation in Overactive Bladder

Lesson 26: Stents and Catheters—What’s New?

Lesson 27: Current Urological Management of Spina Bifida

Lesson 28: Transition from Pediatric to Adult Health Care in Urology

Lesson 29: Contemporary Management of Advanced Prostate Cancer

Lesson 30: Management of Post-Obstructive Diuresis

Lesson 31: Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome in Men

Lesson 32: Functional Outcomes and Complications following Transurethral Procedures for Benign Prostatic Obstruction Relief

Lesson 33: Cytoreductive Nephrectomy in the Age of Targeted Systemic Therapy

Lesson 34: Substitution Urethroplasty: Techniques Using Grafts and Flaps for Male Anterior Urethral Reconstruction

Lesson 35: High Grade Prostatic Intraepithelial Neoplasia: Natural History and Management

Lesson 36: Ins and Outs of the American Medical Association/Specialty Society Relative Value Scale Update Committee

Lesson 37: Radiation Safety for Patients and Physicians

Lesson 38: Evaluation and Management of Nocturia

Lesson 39: Management of Female Sexual Dysfunction

Lesson 40: Dealing with the Difficult Patient Encounter

Target Audience

  • Resident
  • Urologist

Learning Objectives

After completing all 40 lessons, participants, will be able to apply their knowledge and competencies on the urologic topics covered in each article. Each of the 40 lessons has a specific objective specific to the related article.

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