Update Series Volume 30 (2011)

Lesson 1 HIV/AIDS: A Primer for Urologists   

Lesson 2 Lichen Sclerosus: More than Just a Skin Disorder   

Lesson 3 Pathogenesis of Stone Disease  

Lesson 4 Urological Care of the Neurologically Impaired Patient in the Outpatient Setting   

Lesson 5 Difficult Catheterization: Tricks of the Trade   

Lesson 6 Complications of Ureteral Stents   

Lesson 7 Female Urethral Stricture Disease:; Diagnosis and Management   

Lesson 8 Effects of Estrogen Replacement on Genitourinary Function   

Lesson 9 Prostate Cancer Early Detection Using Serum Prostate Specific Antigen   

Lesson 10 Novel Biomarkers for Prostate Cancer Detection and Risk Assessment   

Lesson 11 Appropriate Use of Androgen Deprivation for the Management of Prostate Cancer 

Lesson 12 Radiation Therapy for pT3 Prostate Cancer   

Lesson 13 The Multicystic Dysplastic Kidney  

Lesson 14 Urological Disorders and Sports Participation 

Lesson 15 Sperm Genetic Testing: Clinical Implications and Use   

Lesson 16 Evaluation of Male Factor Infertility 

Lesson 17 Complications of Surgical Positioning

Lesson 18 Complications of Major Urological Open and Laparoscopic Surgery   

Lesson 19 Standardization of Reporting Surgical Complications   

Lesson 20 Assessment of Quality of Life   

Lesson 21 Urinary Markers for Bladder Cancer Detection and Follow-up   

Lesson 22 Techniques and Management of Upper Tract Urothelial Cancer  

Lesson 23 Transurethral Management of Urothelial Carcinoma of the Bladder

Lesson 24 Malignancy Following Bladder Augmentation: Recommendations for Long-Term Follow-up and Cancer Screening   

Lesson 25 Distal Renal Tubular Acidosis   

Lesson 26 New Trends in Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy   

Lesson 27 Management of Stone Disease in the Neurologically Impaired Patient  

Lesson 28 The Management of Sepsis and Septic Shock in the Urological Patient  

Lesson 29 Preventive Medicine for the Non-Urological Conditions: What the Urologist Needs to Know 

Lesson 30 Office-Based Conscious Sedation  

Lesson 31 Office Procedures for Pediatric Urology   

Lesson 32 Cryptorchidism   

Lesson 33 Urology and the Workforce Crisis   

Lesson 34 Utilization of Non-Physician Providers in Urological Practice  

Lesson 35 Patient Health and Safety: Role of the Urologist  

Lesson 36 Surgical Volumes and Patient Outcomes in Urological Oncology  

Lesson 37 Patient Evaluation Before Living Donor Nephrectomy   

Lesson 38 Common Benign Dermatologic Genital Lesions: Diagnosis and Treatment   

Lesson 39 Technical Principles of Using Bowel for Urinary Tract Reconstruction 

Lesson 40 The Psychology of Urological Chronic Pelvic Pain: A Primer for Urologists Who Want to Know How to Better Manage Chronic Prostatitis and Interstitial Cystitis   

Target Audience

  • Resident
  • Urologist

Learning Objectives

After completing all 40 lessons, participants, will be able to apply their knowledge and competencies on the urologic topics covered in each article. Each of the 40 lessons has a specific objective specific to the related article.

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