Surgical Video Library (2020): Transplant, Misc GU Cancers & Bladder Reconstruction (non-cancer)

Enhance your surgical knowledge with the 2020 Surgical Video Library, featuring more than 140 surgical videos. This selection of videos will focus on: Transplant, Misc GU Cancers & Bladder Reconstruction (non-cancer).

Transplant, Misc GU Cancers & Bladder Reconstruction (non-cancer)

V11-01    Testicular transplant in man. Whole organ transplant. Historic video 1978
V11-02    Totally intracorporeal robot-assisted kidney auto-transplantation
V11-03    Successful open surgical in vivo repair of a complex transplant renal artery aneurysm (TRAA)
V11-04    Innovations and technical variations in robot-assisted kidney transplantation: results from the ERUS Working Group
V11-05    Renal Vein Transposition without Venous Outflow Occlusion
V11-06    Renal graft in a patient with iliac Dacron prosthesis
V11-07    Robotic-assited transplanted ureteral stricture management
V11-08    Laparoscopic Excision Of Seminal Vesicle Tumour
V11-09    Robot Assisted VEIL-Cutting the Gordian knot!
V11-10    Retroperitoneoscopic approach for retrocaval Schwannoma.
V11-11    Robotic Augmentation Cystoplasty for Contracted Bladder Secondary to Cystitis: A 1-year Outcome Assessment
V11-12    Robotic Removal of Hernia Mesh Bladder Erosion

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