AUA2023 Highlights in Prostate Cancer (2023)

To better meet the educational needs of urologists and urologic healthcare providers, the AUA gathered from a variety of sources, including comprehensive literature searches and membership surveys to determine where gaps exist in the knowledge, proficiency, and practice in regards to prostate cancer.  This scientific, peer-reviewed publication captures various elements of the AUA Annual Meeting pertaining to prostate cancer including plenary sessions and courses, and reproduces them into a monograph.


The AUA Office of Education thanks the companies who support continuing education of physicians. The AUA recognizes the following companies for providing independent educational grant support:

  • Astellas and Pfizer, Inc.,
  • AstraZeneca
  • Janssen Biotech, Inc., administered by Janssen Scientific Affairs, LLC
  • Lantheus Medical Imaging
  • Merck & Co., Inc.
  • Myovant Sciences and Pfizer, Inc.
  • Pfizer, Inc.

Target Audience

  • Urologists
  • Urologists in training
  • Non-physician providers involved in urology

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of the activity, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe the various disease states comprising advanced prostate cancer and advancement in management.
  2. Define clinical scenarios where PSMA PET imaging can be applied in prostate cancer, and characterize clinical action from results of PSMA PET imaging in newly diagnosed unfavorable-intermediate and high-risk localized disease, recurrent, and metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer.
  3. Utilize PSA other biomarkers and MRI to minimize unnecessary testing and biopsy when screening men who are at average risk for prostate cancer, and explain the emerging role of systemic therapy in men with metastatic prostate cancer.
  4. Counsel men with BRCA1/2 mutations, Lynch syndrome, and other key inherited syndromes regarding their prostate cancer risk and appropriate strategies for cancer screening, and utilize the results of genetic testing to improve outcomes among patients with metastatic prostate cancer, including recommendations regarding PARP-inhibition, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy.
  5. Identify organizational and clinical factors and safely manage toxicities from checkpoint inhibitors. 
  6. Apply evidence-based prostate cancer screening practices that maximize detection of high-grade disease while minimizing risks of over-detection and over-treatment, and discuss available biomarkers, describe how and when to use MRI for prostate cancer detection, and use best prostate biopsy practices while minimizing risks, including infections.
  7. Discuss how to manage patients with hormone sensitive M1 prostate cancer and patients with metastatic castrate resistance prostate cancer (mCRPC) according to current AUA Guidelines.
Course summary
Available credit: 
  • 1.25 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™
  • 1.25 Non-Physician Participation
Course opens: 
Course expires: 


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AUA Staff have nothing to disclose.

All relevant financial relationships have been mitigated. 


NameCompany NameRelationship TypeEnd Date
Al Hussein Al Awamlh, BashirNone  
Andriole Jr., Gerald L.Blue Earth DiagnosticsScientific Study or Trial12/31/2021
Andriole Jr., Gerald L.Stratify GenomicsConsultant or Advisor12/31/2021
Andriole Jr., Gerald L.FKD TherapiesScientific Study or Trial12/31/2021
Andriole Jr., Gerald L.ExactVuConsultant or Advisor12/31/2021
Andriole Jr., Gerald L.OPKOConsultant or Advisor12/31/2021
Barocas, Daniel AriAmbuConsultant or Advisor04/26/2022
Barocas, Daniel ArilantheusConsultant or Advisor11/29/2023
Barocas, Daniel AriPacific Edge DiagnosticsConsultant or Advisor11/30/2023
Barocas, Daniel AriOptum HealthConsultant or Advisor01/02/2023
Barocas, Daniel AriAstellasConsultant or Advisor10/02/2023
Barocas, Daniel AriOn Target LaboratoryConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Cheng, HeatherNoneScientific Study or Trial 
Cookson, Michael S.TesoRx Pharma LLCConsultant or Advisor09/15/2021
Cookson, Michael S.Bayer Healthcare PharmaceuticalsConsultant or Advisor12/01/2021
Cookson, Michael S.PfizerConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Cookson, Michael S.ProkariumConsultant or Advisor10/26/2022
Cookson, Michael S.Pacifice Edge DiagnosticsConsultant or Advisor12/01/2021
Cookson, Michael S.Nonagen Bioscience Corp.Consultant or Advisor07/11/2023
Cookson, Michael S.Janssen PharmaceuticalsConsultant or Advisor11/30/2022
Cookson, Michael S.LantheusConsultant or Advisor09/24/2022
Cookson, Michael S.Progenics Phamaceuticals, Inc. (Lanthues)Consultant or AdvisorCurrent
D'Amico, Anthony VictorNone  
Gomella, Leonard G.Merck ManualHealth PublishingCurrent
Gomella, Leonard G.MDx HealthConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Gomella, Leonard G.Merck PharmaceuticalsConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Gomella, Leonard G.Astra ZenecaConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Gomella, Leonard G.ExelixisConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Gomella, Leonard G.LantheusConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Jayram, Gautam T.MerckConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Jayram, Gautam T.AstraZenecaConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Jayram, Gautam T.TempusConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Jayram, Gautam T.Blue EarthConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Jayram, Gautam T.JanssenScientific Study or TrialCurrent
Jayram, Gautam T.PhotocureConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Jayram, Gautam T.Bristol Myers SquibbConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Karsh, Lawrence I.ABBVIEConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Karsh, Lawrence I.AstellasScientific Study or TrialCurrent
Karsh, Lawrence I.Astra-ZenecaConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Karsh, Lawrence I.AugmenixScientific Study or Trial08/17/2021
Karsh, Lawrence I.BayerScientific Study or TrialCurrent
Karsh, Lawrence I.BioXcelScientific Study or Trial09/01/2022
Karsh, Lawrence I.Boston ScientificConsultant or Advisor08/17/2021
Karsh, Lawrence I.Bristol Myers SquibbScientific Study or TrialCurrent
Karsh, Lawrence I.ClovisConsultant or Advisor09/28/2022
Karsh, Lawrence I.DendreonScientific Study or TrialCurrent
Karsh, Lawrence I.EMD SeronoConsultant or Advisor08/17/2021
Karsh, Lawrence I.EpizymeScientific Study or TrialCurrent
Karsh, Lawrence I.ExelexisScientific Study or Trial09/28/2022
Karsh, Lawrence I.FKDScientific Study or TrialCurrent
Karsh, Lawrence I.Genetech/HoffmanScientific Study or Trial09/28/2022
Karsh, Lawrence I.HinovaScientific Study or Trial12/30/2022
Karsh, Lawrence I.JanssenScientific Study or TrialCurrent
Karsh, Lawrence I.MerckConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Karsh, Lawrence I.MyovantConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Karsh, Lawrence I.NymoxScientific Study or Trial08/17/2021
Karsh, Lawrence I.PfizerConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Karsh, Lawrence I.QEDScientific Study or Trial09/28/2022
Karsh, Lawrence I.SesenConsultant or Advisor09/28/2022
Karsh, Lawrence I.SiemansScientific Study or Trial08/17/2021
Karsh, Lawrence I.TavantaScientific Study or TrialCurrent
Karsh, Lawrence I.TolmarConsultant or Advisor12/01/2021
Karsh, Lawrence I.UrogenConsultant or Advisor09/28/2022
Karsh, Lawrence I.Veru PharmaceuticalsScientific Study or Trial08/17/2021
Kibel, Adam S.ProfoundConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Kibel, Adam S.advantageneOther-On DSMC12/01/2022
Kibel, Adam S.BayerConsultant or Advisor02/21/2022
Kibel, Adam S.Blue EarthConsultant or Advisor10/24/2022
Kibel, Adam S.Bristol-Myers SquibbOther-Data Safety Monitoring BoardCurrent
Kibel, Adam S.CandelOther-On their DSMC.Current
Kibel, Adam S.CellvaxConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Kibel, Adam S.ExlexisConsultant or Advisor07/08/2022
Kibel, Adam S.JanssenConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Kibel, Adam S.MerckConsultant or Advisor10/24/2022
Kibel, Adam S.MyovantConsultant or Advisor05/06/2022
Kibel, Adam S.RocheConsultant or Advisor10/24/2022
Lawrentschuk, NathanDevice TechnologyConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Lawrentschuk, NathanGetz HealthcareConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Lawrentschuk, NathanAstellasConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Lawrentschuk, NathanFerringMeeting Participant or LecturerCurrent
Lin, Daniel WeiClovis OncologyConsultant or Advisor06/30/2022
Lin, Daniel WeiMagForce USAScientific Study or TrialCurrent
Lin, Daniel WeiJanssenConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Morgan, Todd MatthewMDxHealthScientific Study or Trial02/24/2022
Morgan, Todd MatthewMyriad GeneticsScientific Study or Trial12/31/2021
Morgan, Todd MatthewMyovant BiosciencesConsultant or Advisor11/01/2021
Morgan, Todd MatthewTempusConsultant or Advisor12/17/2021
Morgan, Todd MatthewA3P BiomedialMeeting Participant or Lecturer02/16/2023
Morgans, AliciaBayerConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Morgans, AliciaAstra ZenecaConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Morgans, AliciaAstellasConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Morgans, AliciaSanofiConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Morgans, AliciaGenetechConsultant or Advisor12/30/2021
Morgans, AliciaGenetechConsultant or Advisor12/30/2021
Morgans, AliciaJanssenConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Morgans, AliciaClovisConsultant or Advisor12/30/2021
Morgans, AliciaDendreonConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Morgans, AliciaMerckConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Morgans, AliciaBMSConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Morgans, AliciaPfizerConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Morgans, AliciaMyovantConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Morgans, AliciaAdvanced Accelerator ApplicationsConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Morgans, AliciaAdvanced Accelerator ApplicationsConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Morgans, AliciaProgenicsConsultant or Advisor12/30/2021
Morgans, AliciaLantheusConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Morgans, AliciaMyriadConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Morgans, AliciaTelixConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Morgans, AliciaNovartisConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Morris, David ScottAstellasConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Morris, David ScottJanssenConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Morris, David ScottDendreonConsultant or Advisor12/31/2021
Morris, David ScottBayerConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Morris, David ScottMyriadConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Morris, David ScottPacific Edge DiagnosticsConsultant or Advisor12/31/2021
Morris, David ScottClovisConsultant or Advisor12/01/2022
Morris, David ScottUroGen PharmaConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Morris, David ScottAstraZenecaConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Morris, David ScottMerckConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Morris, David ScottInvitaeScientific Study or Trial12/31/2022
Morris, David ScottDecipher BioConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Morris, David ScottTolmarConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Morris, David ScottMyovantConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Morris, David ScottProgenicsConsultant or Advisor02/07/2023
Morris, David ScottPfizerMeeting Participant or LecturerCurrent
Morris, David ScottLantheusConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Moul, Judd W.Sanofi-AventisMeeting Participant or LecturerCurrent
Moul, Judd W.TheralogixConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Moul, Judd W.Janssen- J and JMeeting Participant or LecturerCurrent
Moul, Judd W.PfizerScientific Study or TrialCurrent
Moul, Judd W.AstellasMeeting Participant or LecturerCurrent
Moul, Judd W.TolmarConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Moul, Judd W.Exosome DxMeeting Participant or LecturerCurrent
Moul, Judd W.Blue Earth DiagnosticsMeeting Participant or LecturerCurrent
Moul, Judd W.BayerConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Moul, Judd W.DendreonMeeting Participant or LecturerCurrent
Moul, Judd W.MyovantScientific Study or TrialCurrent
Sartor, A. OliverAdvancel Accelerator Applications (AAA)Consultant or AdvisorCurrent
Sartor, A. OliverAstellasConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Sartor, A. OliverAstraZenecaConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Sartor, A. OliverBavarian NordicConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Sartor, A. OliverBayerConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Sartor, A. OliverBristol Myers SquibbConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Sartor, A. OliverClarity PharmaceuticalsConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Sartor, A. OliverClovisConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Sartor, A. OliverConstellationConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Sartor, A. OliverConstellationScientific Study or TrialCurrent
Sartor, A. OliverDendreonConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Sartor, A. OliverDenedronScientific Study or TrialCurrent
Sartor, A. OliverEMD SeronoConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Sartor, A. OliverEndocyteConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Sartor, A. OliverFusionConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Sartor, A. OliverInvitaeScientific Study or TrialCurrent
Sartor, A. OliverIsotopen Technologien MeunchenConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Sartor, A. OliverJannsenConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Sartor, A. OliverJannsenScientific Study or TrialCurrent
Sartor, A. OliverMyovantConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Sartor, A. OliverMyriadConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Sartor, A. OliverNoria Therapeutics Inc.Consultant or AdvisorCurrent
Sartor, A. OliverNovartisConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Sartor, A. OliverNoxopharmConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Sartor, A. OliverPfizerConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Sartor, A. OliverPOINT BiopharmaConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Sartor, A. OliverProgenicsConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Sartor, A. OliverTelixConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Sartor, A. OliverTenebioConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Sartor, A. OliverTheragnosticsConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Siegel, Cary L.None  
Yu, Evan Y.Merck Sharp & Dohme CorpConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Yu, Evan Y.Advanced Accelerator ApplicationsConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Yu, Evan Y.BayerConsultant or AdvisorCurrent
Yu, Evan Y.JanssenConsultant or Advisor07/26/2022
Yu, Evan Y.Aadi BioscienceConsultant or Advisor11/08/2022
Office of Education Chair(s)

Jay Raman, MD, FACS

has a financial relationship (Stock Options (General Urology)) with United Medical Systems, Inc.;.


To claim CME credit/hours of participation, the learner must read the content, complete the posttest, passing with 80% accuracy and submit the evaluation and credit request form.

Estimated time to complete this activity: 1.25 hours

Release Date: October, 2023
Expiration Date: October, 2024


The American Urological Association (AUA) is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide continuing medical education for physicians.


The American Urological Association designates this enduring material for a maximum of 1.25 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™. Physicians should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity.


The AUA is not accredited to offer credit to participants who are not MDs or DOs. However, the AUA will issue documentation of participation that states that the activity was certified for AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™.


It is the policy of the AUA to ensure that the content contained in this CME activity is valid, fair, balanced, scientifically rigorous, and free of commercial bias.


All persons in a position to control the content of an educational activity (i.e., activity planners, presenters, authors) are required to disclose to the provider all financial relationships with any commercial interest during the previous 24 months. The AUA must determine if the individual’s relationships may influence the educational content and mitigate any conflicts of interest prior to the commencement of the educational activity. The intent of this disclosure is not to prevent individuals with relevant financial relationships from participating, but rather to provide learners information with which they can make their own judgments.


All disclosures will be reviewed by the AUA Conflict of Interest (COI) Review Work Group Chair and/or Vice Chair for identification of conflicts of interest. The AUA COI Review Work Group, working with Office of Education staff, will document the mechanism(s) for management and mitigation of the conflict of interest and final approval of the activity will be documented prior to implementation. Any of the mechanisms below can/will be used to mitigate conflict of interest:

  • Peer review for valid, evidence-based content by the AUA COI Review Work Group.
  • Attestation that clinical recommendations are evidence-based and free of commercial bias.
  • Introduction of a debate format (point-counterpoint)
  • Inclusion of moderated panel discussion with unbiased moderator
  • Publication of a parallel or rebuttal article for an article that is felt to be biased
  • Divestiture of the relationship by faculty
  • Recusal from controlling relevant aspects of planning
  • Selection of alternative faculty for specific topic


The audience is advised that this continuing medical education activity may contain reference(s) to off-label or unapproved uses of drugs or devices. Please consult the prescribing information for full disclosure of approved uses.

Available Credit

  • 1.25 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™
  • 1.25 Non-Physician Participation
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