Deadline for Submissions Extended to Thursday, August 15, 2019!


The American Urological Association is now accepting teaching video abstracts for inclusion in the Urology Core Curriculum. Teaching video abstracts should provide step-by-step instructions for performing common procedures. Each video submission will be reviewed by the Urologic Video Education Committee and the best videos in each category will be submitted to the Core Curriculum Committee for final selections. Authors of accepted videos will be notified by December 31, 2019. The accepted videos will be played in a continuous feed at the 2020 AUA Annual Meeting in Washington, D.C. and will be published in the AUA Core Curriculum. 

This year, the Core Curriculum Committee is requesting videos on the following topics and procedures:

Consults and Emergencies

  1. Foley and SPT
    1. Cystocopy with placement of catheter over a guidewire
    2. Suprapubic tube placement including indications, contraindications, and important technical considerations
  2. Priapism
    1. Corporal Aspiration and Injection Techniques
    2. Distal Shunts (Winter, T Shunt, Ebbehoj, Al-Ghorab, other)
    3. Proximal Shunts (Quackels, Sacher, Grayhack, other) 
  3. Acute Upper Tract Obstruction
    1. Tips & Tricks for acute decompression
  4. Testicular Torsion 
    1. Bedside de-torsion
    2. Orchidopexy

Anatomy and Physiology: Surgical Incisions

  1. Open Surgical Incisions/Approaches
    1. Flank incision (identify all layers during the dissection)
    2. Midline incision
    3. Subcostal incision
    4. Scrotal incision 


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