V8-05: Robotic kidney transplantation: our first case

V8-05: Robotic kidney transplantation: our first case



Kidney transplantation is the preferred treatment for patients with end-stage renal disease. In order to reduce the morbidity of the open surgery, a robotic assisted approach has been recently introduced. According to the literature, the robotic surgery allows the performance of kidney transplantation under optimal operative conditions while maintaining the safety and the functional results of the open approach. Herein, we report our first case of Robotic Assisted Kidney Transplantation (RAKT).


We present the case of a mother donating to her daughter affected by end stage renal disease (ESRD) due to Alport Disease (creatinine: 353 Umol/l; GFR: 13 ml/min per 1.73 m2).


A RAKT was successfully performed. Surgical time was 120 min with 53 min for vascular suture. The estimated blood loss was


We present our first experience in RAKT from living related donors. We believe that the potential advantages of RAKT are related to the quality of the vascular anastomosis, the possible lower complication rate and the shorter recovery of the recipients.

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