V6-03: Endockscope: Bridging Endoscopy with Mobile Technology

V6-03: Endockscope: Bridging Endoscopy with Mobile Technology


Introductions and Objectives
Advances in mobile technology, increased accessibility and ubiquity of smartphones have ushered in a new wave of advancements in telemedicine. Herein, we present our experience with the second generation Endockscope (Orange, CA), a novel docking system with an incorporated LED light source that optimizes the coupling of a smartphone (iPhone 4S, Cupertino, CA) with modern fiber-optic endoscopes and also eliminates the need for a standard light system.

The docking system was assembled using a commercially available lens system, a coupling that was machined for an interference fit to the eyepiece and a LED flashlight with a flexible neck to couple to the fiber-optic cone. Cost comparisons were made between the Endockscope and standard HD system (using an average of two company’s listed prices). Additional costs for a secondary monitor for the Endockscope system included the cost of an Apple TVTM and a commercially available high quality monitor. Weights were analyzed comparing the Endockscope with mobile platform and a standard Karl Storz HD system. We also tested the additional wireless capabilities provided by the Apple platform using the Endockscope and iPhone 4S.

The total cost of the Endockscope and mobile platform system was $1,198. The total cost of the standard HD camera system with light source was $64,378. The total weight was 15.3 lbs for the Endockscope and mobile platform system and 167 lbs for the Storz HD system (Table 1). Furthermore, the iPhone 4S allows the user to utilize FacetimeTM, video and image capture, and directly share intra-operative data via email or SMS to the patient/families/colleagues.

The second generation Endockscope is significantly cheaper and lighter than standard endoscopic systems. Its low cost and weight makes it an attractive tool for philanthropic pursuits in third-world countries. Additional functions are available with the Endockscope that are not provided in current endoscopy systems, with no additional cost or equipment.

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