V5-11: Robotic simple prostatectomy: the retropubic approach

V5-11: Robotic simple prostatectomy: the retropubic approach



Several surgical options for the management of BPH. We present the case of a patient with a large prostate gland on TRUS during prostate biopsy and transient urinary retention. GIven size of the gland and long distance to bladder neck as well as patient's status as Jehovah's witness, decision made to use retropubic approach to robotic simple prostatectomy.


Video recorded of surgical procedure


Patient with minimal blood loss during the procedure, no additional need for transfusion. Patient discharged on post-op day 3 after uncomplicated hospital course. Small leak seen on post-op VCUG resulted in additional week of catheter use and resolution on repeat imaging. Patient with resolution of lower urinary tract symptoms.


Retropubic approach to robotic simple prostatectomy can be an option for surgical management of large glands and a safe and effective alternative to the transvesical approach.

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