V1563: Needlescopic Radical Prostatectomy

V1563: Needlescopic Radical Prostatectomy


Introduction and Objectives
In an effort to further enhance the advantages of laparoscopic surgery, more less-invasive methods have been developed. The surgical community is continuously exploring new ways to achieve this goal. With this objective in mind we present a needlescopic radical prostatectomy. The objective is to go a step further in mininal invasive surgery, achieving a reduction in the lenght of the incision using a easily applicable technique in daily practive.

Demonstrative video of the surgical technique of a needlescopic radical prostatectomy in a 57 year old male patient diagnosed with prostate cancer.

A needlescopic radical prostatectomy was performed using a 5mm videoscope and 3mm surgical instruments. We used also a 10mm port. The operative time was 97 minutes. The blood loss was vestigial. There was no pos-operative complication and the length of stay was 2 days. At 3 months follow-up the patient is continent, experiencing mild erectile dysfunction and with minimal scar.

Needlescopic radical prostatectomy is a safe, feasible and reproducible procedure. Like other procedures designed to further minimize the laparoscopic technique (LESS, NOTES) Needlescopic surgery achieves excellent cosmetic results without compromising the patient outcome. The scar is minimal. It has the advantage over the latter of being more easily applicable in daily practice, as it does not require a major adaptation of the surgical technique.

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