V12-03: In-Situ Robotic Ileal Neobladder: Tips to Avoid Complications

V12-03: In-Situ Robotic Ileal Neobladder: Tips to Avoid Complications


Introductions and Objectives
To detail our tips and tricks to avoid complications while performing a robotic ileal neobladder.

Between January 2013 and October 2014, we have performed in-situ robotic ileal neobladders following robotic radical cystectomy using the standardized steps reviewed. We have compiled a list of tips that will help to avoid complications and allow rapid progression between each step. Tips include; use of a ruler to measure the ileal segments, use of stay sutures for gentle bowel manipulation, stapling techniques and use of the fourth robotic arm.

All procedures were successfully completed using our standardized methods. There were no differences in outcomes between procedures performed prior to the use of the tips above and afterwards since many of them were used since inception of robotic neobladders at our institution.

In-situ robotic ileal neobladder is a difficult and challenging procedure with the potential for many complications. Our tips and tricks may allow surgeons to perform this difficult surgical operation in a standardized fashion, allowing progression through each phase safely.

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