V1-07: Clampo-Tractor. A novel self retaining clamp retractor for penile urethral reconstruction: Improving

V1-07: Clampo-Tractor. A novel self retaining clamp retractor for penile urethral reconstruction: Improving surgeon ergonomics



Constant, steady retraction and exposure are important for penile surgery - including hypospadias repair, urethral reconstruction, and correction of penile curvature. We set out to develop a retractor that would improve surgeon and assistant ergonomics and provide compression at the base of the penis to reduce blood loss. We describe this novel self-retaining penile retractor and our initial experience in its use.


This retractor is made of medical grade stainless steel. It has three components – a fixed hemostatic clamp attached to a scale, with also houses an artery forceps. This forceps moves along the scale to adjust the traction on the penis. The clamp is flat and compressive. The arms are non-traumatic and do not cause circumferential constriction. A stay suture taken through the glans is engaged by the artery forceps, and the height adjusted according to the penile length. The retractor has been used by reconstructive urologists in India, Turkey, Australia, Kuwait, Indonesia, and the United States of America.


A total of 37 reconstructive cases were performed using this penile retractor (23 redo hypospadias repairs, 7 complex penile urethroplasties, 4 penile urethrocutaneous fistula repairs, and 3 surgeries for correction of Peyronie’s disease). For each case, surgeons were asked to score the retractor on a 4 point scale: 1. Extremely Non satisfactory, 2. Not Satisfactory, 3. Satisfactory, 4. Extremely Satisfactory. The average score was 3.65._x000D_ Advantages noted were ease of application, reduction of assistant fatigue, stable operative exposure and non-traumatic tissue compression conferring a bloodless field. There were no complications attributable to the device. The main limitation is that it cannot be used for hypospadias proximal to the penoscrotal junction. _x000D_ This retractor is inexpensive, durable and easy to sterilize and can be used on adult and pediatric patients alike._x000D_


In our experience this retractor has high utility in reconstruction of the penis and penile urethra. It affords improved ergonomics for the surgeon and assistant, which results in shorter operative times and reduced blood loss while avoiding tissue damage.

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