V06-02: Robotic Renal Aneurysm Repair: USC Experience

V06-02: Robotic Renal Aneurysm Repair: USC Experience



Renal artery aneurysm (RAA) is a rare clinical condition and is traditionally managed with endovascular techniques when treatment is indicated. There are few reports within the literature demonstrating minimally-invasive techniques for surgical intervention. We previously described the initial case of laparoscopic RAA repair. Herein, we report our experience of minimally-invasive RAA repair in six patients.


. Five patients had a complex RAA involving the main renal artery, and one patient had multiple aneurysms. Five patients underwent reconstruction robotically with one patient undergoing a robotic graft repair.


Median (range) aneurysm size was 2.4 cm (1.8-3.0). Median (range) operative time was 4.0 hours (3.5-6.0) with a median (range) warm ischemia time of 31.0 min (3-32). Median (range) estimated blood loss was 125 (50-400) and no patient required an intra-operative blood transfusion. Median (range) length of hospital stay was 3 days (2-6). At a median (range) follow up of 31.5 months (1-67), all patients report to be doing well with no post-operative complications.


Our experience demonstrates that minimally-invasive techniques can be utilized to treat such rare cases as RAA. This study further advances the field.

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