V05-09: Robotic anterior exenteration in females– tips and tricks

V05-09: Robotic anterior exenteration in females– tips and tricks



Radical cystectomy is the gold stand for treatment of muscle invasive bladder cancer. Females are less likely then men to experience bladder cancer by a factor of 4:1 and therefore less frequently undergo radical cystectomy. Generally, urologists are less familiar with female pelvic anatomy and are more comfortable with radical cystectomy in men than women. With the increased utilization of robotic radical cystectomy, females are potentially able to benefit even more with a truly minimally invasive operation as the specimen can be extracted through the vagina resulting in no fascial closure.


From September 2014 - October 2016 we have performed 75 robotic radical cystectomies with 10 (13.3%) being in females. We demonstrate and highlight some tips and trick for robotic anterior exenteration in females.


Mean operative time (skin to skin- not console time) was 6 hours and 14 minutes. Mean EBL was 351cc. Median length of stay was 5 days. There were no fistulas seen.


Robotic anterior exenteration in females is safely and effectively performed robotically and has the extra advantage of not requiring fascial closure since the specimen can be extracted vaginally.

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