Is Modeling Alone Enough for Management of Significant Curvature During Inflatable Penile Prosthesis (IPP) Implantation?


Although IPP insertion with modeling was described over 20 yrs ago, there has been a paucity of data since defining its role in significant curvature cases. Further, due to a historically reported 5% risk of urethral perforation when applying 2 traditional modeling cycles, many are apprehensive to utilize this procedure for significant deformities due to concerns regarding technical feasibility and durability. As such, debate continues amongst implanters regarding the optimal management of curvature during IPP surgery. In this contemporary series, we incorporate a modified modeling maneuver (MMM) incorporating as many cycles as necessary and evaluate its long-term utility in correcting significant curvature.


We reviewed our single surgeon series from Nov 2015 to Oct 2017. We identified all men with >/= 30° curvature undergoing MMM during IPP surgery (group MMM, Figure 1). Their outcomes were compared to IPP patients without significant (