MP30-15: Prognostic Indicators for Favorable nadir ... Primary Whole Gland Prostate Cryoablation (APL - 2018)

Prognostic Indicators for Favorable nadir PSA (

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We previously identified nadir prostate specific antigen (PSA) less than 0.4 ng/ml as the best objective indicator of progression-free survival (PFS) after primary whole gland prostate cryoablation. Our aim is to identify preoperative prognostic variables for favourable nadir PSA (


The charts from 2576 hormone naive men who underwent primary whole gland prostate cryoablation were included. Prognostic indicators including patient age, African American race, pretreatment PSA, Gleason sum, total prostate volume (TPV), clinical stage and PSA density (PSAD) results were reviewed. Post-cryoablation nadir PSA of


Median time that man reached nadir level was 3 months following surgery (IQR 1.6-6 months). A total of 1854 (79%) men had favorable postoperative nadir PSA (


In men undergoing primary prostate cryoablation for localized prostate cancer, pretreatment PSA

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