Genomic Testing in Prostate Cancer Podcast

Co-Host: Stephen Freedland, MD

At the conclusion of this activity, participants will be able to: 
1. Identify the role of genomic testing in men with different stages of prostate cancer.
2. Recognize the need for collaboration with genetic counselors for optimal genetic evaluation tailored to an individual prostate cancer patient.
3. Explain the criteria for genomic testing of prostate cancer patients across the disease spectrum, current NCCN testing guidelines, difference between germline and somatic testing, different testing modalities currently available gene panels, options for testing these men, and appropriate timing for testing.
4. Interpret the results of genomic testing, implications for shared‐decision with patients based on the test results, and impact on novel therapies and personalized treatment for prostate cancer care.
5. Apply best practices and lessons learned for operationalizing testing and testing workflows in urology practices.



This podcast was funded by and developed in collaboration with AstraZeneca.

Patient Education Resources

To encourage and support the participant's care of their patients, this activity provides access to Urology Care Foundation existing resources for caregivers and their patients on Genomic Testing for Prostate Cancer.

PDF iconGenomic-Testing-for-Prostate-Cancer-Fact-Sheet

The “Prostate Cancer Caregiver Podcast Series” is designed to help others connect with a diverse group of people who have felt the impact of prostate cancer in their lives and empower them on their journey. This series is geared toward helping give support, hope and guidance to prostate cancer caregivers. These podcasts allow people to listen to six unique stories - each focusing on prostate cancer topics from the views of caregivers. Listeners may reflect on how these stories may relate to their own lives.

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