Content: Core Urology

Exam Overview and Test Taking Logistics-Gerald H. Jordan, MD

General Cancer 1 (Localized/Advanced Prostate, Localized Kidney)-Mark L. Gonzalgo, MD, PhD

1-Gonzalgo General Cancer 1 wiht ANSWERS.pdf


General Cancer 2 (Bladder, Upper Tract TCC, Advanced Kidney)  Siamak Daneshmand, MD

2-Daneshmand General Cancer 2 with ANSWERS.pdf


Medical Urology: Hypertension, Fluids and Electrolytes, Nephrology Sarah Elfering, MD

3-Elfering Medical Urology with ANSWERS.pdf


Trauma Jay Simhan, MD

4-Simhan Trauma with ANSWERS.pdf


Geriatric Urology Deborah J. Lightner, MD

5-Lightner Geriatrics WITH ANSWERS.pdf


Complications of Urologic Surgery Jay D. Raman, MD

6-Raman Complications WITH ANSWERS.pdf


Endocrine Daniel H. Williams, IV, MD & Sarah Elfering

7a-Williams Endocrine WITH ANSWERS.pdf

7b-Elfering Endocrine with ANSWERS.pdf


Stones (not metabolic stones)  Mantu Gupta, MD

8-Gupta Stones WITH ANSWERS.pdf


Prostate Evaluation/ Biopsy Jay D. Raman, MD

9-Raman Prostate WITH ANSWERS.pdf


Infection Robert J. Evans, MD, FACS

20-Evans Infection.pdf

Radiology/ Radiation Safety Timothy D. Averch, MD

11-Averch Radiology with ANSWERS.pdf


Office Based Practice and Guidelines (UTI’s hematuria, genital pain, etc) Deborah J. Lightner, MD   

12-Lightner Office Practice with ANSWERS.pdf