Friday, May 31, 2019

11b-Goldman Embryology [Compatibility Mode].pdf


11a-Goldman Anatomy [Compatibility Mode].pdf

Penile and Urethral Cancer

12-Uzzo Penile Cancer [Compatibility Mode].pdf

Bladder Cancer

13- O'Donnell Bladder Cancer.pdf

13b- O'donnell Q&A with Answers.pdf

14b Smith Bladder Cancer Questions with Answers.pdf

14-Smith Bladder Cancer [Compatibility Mode]_0.pdf

Prostate Cancer

15-Kibel Prostate Cancer.pdf


16-Roehrborn BPH.doc

Renal and Ureteral Tumors

17 Uzzo Renal and Ureteral Tumors [Compatibility Mode].pdf

Erectile Dysfunction

18 Mulhall ED [Compatibility Mode].pdf

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Pediatric Urology

12-Kirsch Congenital Urinary Tract Abnormalities [Compatibility Mode].pdf

13-Lorenzo Pediatric Urinary Incontinence_1.pdf

14-Kirsch Disorders of the Genitalia_1.pdf

15 Lorenzo Pediatric Urological Oncology.pdf

16-Kirsch and Lorenzo Pediatric Review Questions with Answers.pdf

GU Radiology


17-Hindman GU Radiology [Compatibility Mode].pdf

Urinary Tract Infection

18-Pontari UTI.pdf

Infection and Inflammation

19-Shoskes Infection and Inflammation [Compatibility Mode]_0.pdf

Renal Medicine

20a-Shoskes Renal Transplantation [Compatibility Mode].pdf

20b-Shoskes Vascular Disease [Compatibility Mode].pdf

20c-Shoskes Renal Physiology [Compatibility Mode].pdf


21-Shichman Adrenal.pdf

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Female Urology, Urodynamics and Neurology

11-Kraus Neurology.pdf

12-Kraus UDS Tracing.pdf

13-Goldman FEU.pdf


14-Best Urolithiasis 1 Medical Management.pdf


5-Shichman Laparoscopy with Answers.pdf

Urolithiasis (cont.)

16-Best Urolithiasis Surgical Management.pdf

Testicular Tumors

17-Sexton Testicular Tumors_0.pdf

Urologic Trauma

18-Simhan Trauma_1.pdf


19b- Infertility Handout.pdf

19-Turek Infertility [Compatibility Mode].pdf